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Formula 1: Bridgestone has to deliver rain tires

Formula 1: Bridgestone draws first test results
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Two rainy T est weeks in Jerez also have the plans of Bridgestone mixed up. Instead of trying out the various dry tires, the drivers were mainly on intermediates and bad-weather tires. Because of the constant rain, Bridgestone even had to deliver extra supplies of both types of tires from England to the track.

Bridgestone has to reorder rain tires

' Logistically it was a problem, 'explains Jun Matsuzaki, technical manager at Bridgestone. 'We had to deliver both extra-wet and intermediate tires so that the teams could continue driving under these difficult conditions.'

The rubber supplier was unable to gain many new insights. Bridgestone does not want to overestimate the data obtained with the tread tires. “The problem with this is that the tires were used before the teams could even develop a good dry setup. This is very important because it makes working on a rain setup easier.”

Results difficult to achieve analyze

As a result, the test drives delivered very inconsistent results. 'If the intermediates were used on a partially dry track or with a poorly tuned car, you could see more wear and tear. The added weight of the fuel in the current cars increases the differences compared to before,' explains Matsuzaki.

You could only ride the slicks on the last two days of testing. The amount of data is therefore still limited. 'We can say, however, that the warm-up process was fine for all three tires. There is definitely an improvement here compared to last year. However, it is still too early to distinguish any differences between the compounds. Hopefully there will be better weather in Barcelona. '


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