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Formula 1 annual grades 2017: The season certificate for all drivers

Formula 1 annual notes 2017
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D he today's Grand Prix drivers don't have it easy. Mistakes that used to go unnoticed are now mercilessly exposed. Every slip, every ride through the gravel bed, every brake: Thanks to the many cameras around the route, practically nothing remains hidden. And mistakes, that's the way people are, are often held against you. And no matter how small they are.

The downforce 2017 generation of cars separated the good from the very good racing drivers. Jolyon Palmer failed because of the new cars. Renault got him to vacate the cockpit after the Japanese GP. Daniil Kvyat was not lacking in talent. Rather, his impetuous driving behavior was the fate of the Russian. He caused a starting accident in Austria, collided with his teammate in England and thundered out in Singapore. In a race where there were points on the serving tray. We punished him three times with a bad rating. Red Bulls motorsport coordinator Helmut Marko banned Kvyat. Initially for the races in Malaysia and Japan. Later finally after the GP USA.

F1 annual marks in the photo show

Lewis Hamilton, however, did his job with flying colors. The world champion only managed two poor Grand Prix. In Russia and in Monaco. Hamilton triumphed nine times and put the Mercedes W08 in pole position in eleven races. We gave the top marks nine times in 20 races: China, Spain, Canada, England, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan and the USA. Nobody got the maximum number of 10 points in our evaluation scheme more often. On average, Hamilton posts a 9.05. That means the top spot. This time the world champion doesn't have to share it like last year. At that time, Daniel Ricciardo had the same grade point average.

Lewis Hamilton has an average grade of 9.05 out of 10 points.

Sebastian Vettel (4x), Max Verstappen (4x), Valtteri Bottas (3x), Fernando Alonso (3x), Daniel Ricciardo ( 2x) as well as Kimi Räikkönen, Esteban Ocon, Stoffel Vandoorne and Nico Hülkenberg also received top marks. Looking at the 20 races, Vettel is in second place with us, as in the World Cup table. It is followed by Verstappen and Alonso. Which is further proof that the Spaniard deserved a car capable of winning. F1 Sports Director Ross Brawn dreams of the ultimate four-way battle in 2018. The fans would certainly not mind.

Our Formula 1 expert Michael Schmidt assesses the drivers after each race. It wasn't just the performance on race Sunday that was included. It was the performance over the entire weekend that counted - training, qualifying and races.

You can find our detailed evaluation of all drivers in our photo show. The grade average is calculated from the assessment for the individual Grand Prix.


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