Formula 1: Alonso wants to make Tifosi proud

Fernando Alonso at the Ferrari F10 presentation
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Was that brainwashing involved? Fernando Alonso is actually known as someone who says what he thinks. But that doesn't go down well in Maranello. There it is better to say what is in the Ferrari -Politics fits. At the moment there are no points of friction. The new Ferrari F10 hasn't run a meter yet. And that Felipe Massa was awarded the test premiere on Monday in Valencia, Alonso can live with that. Michael Schumacher must also have Nico Rosberg at M ercedes GP let go. Scoffers say: Number one is waiting graciously until number two has sorted out the teething problems.

Montezemolo praises Alonso

Fernando Alonso is for them Ferraristi has a different quality in dealing with Michael Schumacher. The radebrechte always used his 'buongiorno a tutti' at car presentations, and then switched to English immediately. Alonso parlates perfectly Italian. Like his colleague Felipe Massa. That is why applause broke out when he explained his mission to the audience: 'I hope we can give all Ferrari fans around the world their pride back.'

For this he earned praise from his president. Montezemolo does it with a hidden allusion to Michael Schumacher: 'Alonso is a champion, and he's better today than in 2006. We've been after him for a long time. He's only 28 years old, but a very mature driver. And he has He has already won two world titles, one against us with Schumacher in our car. He is the right man for us at the right moment. ' Since the Spaniard had not yet had a reputation for being a team player, the Ferrari boss immediately sent a warning afterwards: 'Both drivers know that they primarily drive for Scuderia and that they have a job to make the team a success '

Alonso is patient

Alonso defends himself against accusations, he just thinks to himself:' I've never had with mine Teammates a problem. In fact, I get along very well with everyone. ' Ferrari, this should be a partnership for the ages. 'I want a lot hereSpend years. 'Even if the mission is to lead Ferrari back to victory, Alonso is also ready for a dry spell.' If it doesn't work out in the first race, I can live with it. The season is 19 races long. '

The Spaniard doesn't believe that more than three drivers will fight for the title.' Before the season, you always imagine it so beautifully, but experience shows that Usually only two or three drivers come into question. '

Good starting position is crucial

It will be a season of many unknowns. The drivers are too excited to see what the races without refueling will entail. Alonso warns of the first laps. 'On Saturday you have to qualify with a car that has very little petrol on board. Then you go into the race without training in a car that is filled to the top with fuel. It will take two to three laps to adjust to it. '

Alonso predicts that a good starting position is more than ever half the battle for a win:' This year you have to be on the first two rows stand. You can no longer create tactics because you do not know what your opponent is doing. So you have to take every opportunity that comes up on the track. And you know how difficult it is to overtake. '

Test comparison very difficult

Alonso will be something for himself at the end of next week be smarter. 'After the first day of testing, I usually have a good feeling for whether the car fits me. The comparison with the competition is even more difficult than before because the fuel quantities differ even more. It is unlikely that two drivers will run the same program at the same time. You can be three seconds slower than your colleague and still be quick. '

At the end, the 28-year-old Spaniard comes back to his assignment. Failure is not planned, as Monetzemolo has drummed into his mercenaries : 'Felipe and I know that a red car has to win.'


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