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Formula 1: Alonso the silent hero of the race in Malaysia

Formula 1: Fernando Alonso in Malaysia
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D he error already reported in the warm-up lap for Begin. When downshifting, the gearbox in the number eight Ferrari went crazy. Not a good omen if you only start from 19th place and actually intended to plow through the whole field. Despite the shortcoming, Alonso was already in 16th place after one lap and 15th after another. Directly in the slipstream of his teammate Felipe Massa in an intact Ferrari.

Hope for rain at Ferrari

During their advance, the Ferrari duo initially got stuck with the Toro Rosso. Alonso and Massa had put on hard tires and hoped to hold out until the rain came. But the rain never came. One after the other, the opponents turned to the pits to change tires, so that in the end only Alonso rolled around the course on an ancient set of tires. Only in the 36th lap did Ferrari's new superstar change tires. Then the Spaniard turned it up. On the 41st lap he drove the second fastest lap of the race. With 13 laps to go, Alonso had found his way back to the Massa-Button combat group. But there was the end of the line.

What no one suspected at the time: Alonso drove with a major handicap. When downshifting, the clutch only reengaged when the engine speed window for the next lower gear was reached. The electronics refused to use double-declutching. 'When downshifting, the gearbox first went into neutral for every gear. The next lower gear only jumped in when accelerating. I must have lost a second per lap as a result,' believes the 2005 and 2006 world champion Race. He wasn't rewarded for it.

A big present to Red Bull

When he tried to pass Jenson Button again, his engine reported in a large cloud of smoke without warning. The engine had qualifications and races in Melbourne on the crankshaft, plus qualifications and 54 laps of Sepang. A total of 795 kilometers, not even half the required service life. 'We gave Red Bull a great present today,' said the man from Asturias. 'Fortunately, my engine damage only cost me two points and not 25 points.'

Alonso already has major problems with his engine pool. The one in Bahrain on Sunday morning for suspicious dataAccording to the rules, exchanged Ferrari V8s may only be used in the free practice sessions. It fails as an engine for qualifications and races. In Sepang, Alonso already lost the second drive set from his eight-engine contingent. At Ferrari, the logisticians are now called upon. You have to re-time the operating times of the remaining units.


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