Formula 1: Alesi believes in Schumacher

Formula 1: Jean Alesi on Schumacher's comeback
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J ean Alesi met Michael Schumacher for a week the announcement of the contract with Mercedes in Geneva. 'He was still as happy as a child. And he's as excited about the new season as if it were his first. Michael can't be measured by normal standards. He hasn't lost any of his speed. He has a lot more experience than his opponents. '

'Michael always had Rubens under control at Ferrari'

Only one thing surprises Alesi with his friend's comeback: 'That he Ferrari . It must be very important to him. ' The Frenchman, who plans to use Ferrari in international GT racing in 2010, can imagine that the surprising Formula 1 season 2009 at Schumacher set the fuse for a comeback.

'Rubens Barrichello is up to the penultimate one Driven in the races for the world title. Michael always had Rubens under control at Ferrari. He probably said to himself: If he was up there, I can do it too. ' For Alesi, too, it is understandable that someone who has won everything takes on the challenge a second time. 'When you leave Formula 1 as a racing driver, it's like you've lost your best friend. I consoled myself with the DTM. If I'd had the offer of a top team like Michael, I would have returned to Formula 1 . '

Experience advantage for Schumacher

Schumacher will face a new Formula 1 on his return. The headwind is blowing sharper in his face. In Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, he has three rivals who are at his level in every respect. Except that they are significantly younger. Alonso has already beaten Schumacher, and his Renault was not as good as the Ferrari in 2006.

Alesi still believes in Schumacher's chance: 'Michael has the experience that Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel don't have. He knows races without refueling stops from before 1994. The young drivers will be amazed at what lies ahead. Whoever can use the tires best over the entire distance has an advantage. Michael was always particularly strong in this discipline. '


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