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Formula 1 agreed on rule adjustment: Adjustment in tire allocation

Discussion of rules before the start of the season
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D he Formula 1 is working flat out on the new racing calendar. It is a job that no one envies. The corona crisis currently does not allow solid planning, but rather only vague forecasts. Only the two races in Austria (July 5th /12th) have so far been an integral part of the simulation games. Until then there are only a good six weeks. But those involved have been able to prepare for the two GPs in Styria for some time.

This does not apply to the other events. There are time frames, but there are still many question marks. For example through Silverstone. If the government does not relax its quarantine regulations, it will not be possible to drive at the birthplace of Formula 1 at the end of July or beginning of August.

A sport that travels around the world to be held depends on open borders . In the event that everything goes smoothly and the corona pandemic actually subsides, which at least Europe currently looks like, the ten teams can expect a tight racing program in the second half of the year. Liberty Media and FIA want to hold at least 15 Grands Prix. In the best case scenario, there should be 18 races in Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East.

Pirelli has been the sole tire supplier to Formula 1 since 2011.

18 GP, over 30,000 tires

Tire supplier Pirelli will have to adjust production and logistics. What was previously produced in a year must now be done in a good six months. The Italians supply around 1,800 tires for each race. With 15 Grands Prix that would be around 27,000 tires for the shortened season. Over 32,000 in 18 races. Pirelli produces the racing tires in the Romanian plant in Slatina.

Pirelli has a total of five dry mixes - C1 to C5 - on offer. The tire manufacturer determines which three types are used on which route. On street circuits it's the softer compounds, on fast tracks like Silverstone, for example, due to the high centrifugal forces, it's more the harder ones.

As a rule, the teams put together their own mix for the race weekend from the three available compounds. To do this, they send their wish-lists for overseas races 14 and for European Grands Prix eight weeks in advance. For each driver, the teams can choose ten of the 13 sets of tires themselves. Pirelli gives the rest: two sentences for the race, one sentence for the qualification.

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Pirelli could take over the allocation of tires for some races.

FIA, teams and Pirelli agree

The usual lead times will probably not always be able to be met in the tightly timed calendar. Especially since short-term adjustments cannot be ruled out. Should a country close again due to the increasing number of cases, Formula 1 would have to reschedule.

FIA, teams and Pirelli are taking precautions. The parties have already agreed that the teams' usual tire selection could be eliminated if the publication of the racing calendar does not allow the Italians sufficient lead time. In this case, Pirelli would make a standard selection for the GP weekend and assign the same sets of tires to each driver.

The modified rule makes perfect sense. Formula 1, its teams and partners don't want to put any unnecessary obstacles in their way. There are already enough lying around anyway. And Pirelli doubly emphasizes that it only comes to this if the time window is not large enough to apply the normal allocation procedure.

The racing strategy would not affect a standard selection as much as one might assume at first thought. The team's choice of tires only differs in nuances anyway. All of them have sufficient information about the respective racetracks, the speeds, the type of curve, the condition of the asphalt and the weather. This will make theStrategy programs fed.

And in the end, the teams come to the same denominator. In addition, they have to return sets of tires after each training session. In many cases, they use the same mixtures for the race.


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