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Formula 1 abolishes grid girls: grid kids for the grid

Formula 1 abolishes grid girls
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V enjoy the halo or quiet hybrid Motors - this message will really split people's minds. The good old tradition of grid girls is over now. The scantily clad women do not fit into the new, family-friendly, politically correct marketing concept of the new F1 rights holders from Liberty Media.

Grid Girls do not fit the new Formula 1

“Also if the use of grid girls has been an integral part of Grand Prix races for decades, we do not have the feeling that it fits our brand values ​​and is also clearly in contradiction to modern social norms. We don't believe that this practice is appropriate or important for Formula 1 and its fans all over the world - regardless of whether they are old or young, ”said F1 marketing boss Sean Bratches, explaining this step.

Already at the start of the season in Australia at the end of March the grid girl-free time begins. The photographers have to look for new motifs in order to capture the emotions before the start of a Grand Prix race. And the girls, who were usually well paid for their work, now have to look for other jobs.

Grid girls disrupt Grand Prix parties

“We're seeing the time before the race on the grid with drivers and teams as a big celebration in which guests and artists can contribute to the glamor factor of the Grand Prix spectacle, so that promoters and partners can focus on their countries and products, ”said the official announcement. Obviously, grid girls only disturb.

The grid kids, however, don't. Formula 1 wants to give itself a younger look and inspire even the very little ones for the sport. In the future, 20 children will fill the grid. You can then watch your heroes prepare for the Grand Prix. It's a bit like the kids running in football. “It will be an extraordinary moment and an unforgettable experience for you and your family,” says Bratches. “It will be an inspiration for them to keep driving, training and learning so that one day they might be a racing driver themselves. There is no better way to inspire the next generation of Formula 1 heroes. ”

The respective promoter and the national motorsport associations should work together to select the respective grid kids. The achievement or the lot decides. The children are already active in motorsport, driveKart or in a junior series. To see them on the grid could attract more offspring.

For all friends of Formula 1 number girls, we are once again showing the prettiest girls of the past season in the gallery.


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