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Formula 1 2020 without Hülkenberg: & # 34; F1 races on TV will be sad & # 34;

Formula 1 2020 without Hülkenberg
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V ome of his colleagues have called it one in the last few weeks It is a mess that a driver of the caliber of Nico Hülkenberg went empty-handed in the raffle for the 2020 cockpit. But a good week after Alfa Romeo extended with Antonio Giovinazzi and the last door closed, the 175-time GP participant has already come to terms with the situation.

The 32-year-old even found it Leisure time to joke about possible replacement jobs: 'You can now choose from a pizza maker, hairdresser, dentist, cosmetic surgeon or gynecologist.' At the same time, Hülkenberg also emphasizes that he has not retired from racing for a long time, just because now with the formula 1 is over.

Hülkenberg was looking for positive aspects of the F1 break: “I'm looking forward to a little more free time and no longer having to live according to this calendar. Now I can do some things that I haven't had time to do in the past ten years. For example, I want to go to the Australian Open in January and watch tennis. So far, that was always exactly the time when you had to go to the factory a lot in preparation for the season or where you were in the training camp. '

Antonio Giovinazzi snatched the last open cockpit from Nico Hülkenberg.

Farewell to the best sport

The blond boy makes no secret of the fact that he will be happy to continue in the premier class: “Now that we are certain, I'm curious what to expect. Of course, part of me is sad too. And if I watch the races on TV, I'll be even sadder. I love this sport. The fastest and best cars in the world drive in Formula 1. ”

The Renault driver wants to be ready and fithold if there is still an opportunity for a comeback in the short term. “But it would be presumptuous to hope that Ferrari would suddenly call next year and say: So Hülki, now we are ready for you. You have to be a realist. It's all in the stars. Something can happen, but maybe not. ”

Even if there is a lot of speculation in the media, Hulkenberg confirmed in Brazil that no decision has yet been made about the future. “I haven't signed anything yet. And that won't happen anytime soon. I recently got a few calls from racing teams. But first I want to take the time to decide for myself what I want to do. That can take a little longer. '

The rumors that Hülkenberg will end up in the DTM were denied by the Rhinelander with clear words:' They were a couple of your colleagues who were apparently bored at home and had a story without substance. And then I have to justify myself for it. I don't think that's fair. ”

Quo vadis Nico Hülkenberg?

Changes Hülkenberg to the IndyCar series?

Hülkenberg doesn't want to end as a simulator driver either. 'That would make my heart bleed.' More likely is an engagement in the US IndyCar series. However, Hülkenberg only wants to compete on street circuits and normal racetracks. “Ovals are not really my thing.”

Many Formula 1 fans are still annoyed about the situation where Hülkenberg suddenly finds himself without a cockpit. He himself couldn't foresee this development either: “It took on a dynamic of its own in the middle of the season. But I don't feel that we did anything wrong. At most the small mistakes in the races, for example at Hockenheim. That was bitter. That also had a consequence for next year. ”

In the meantime, however, he has come to terms with his fate:“ In the end, the die was cast. There was simply no agreement with Haas. That's okay too. Now the situation is like this and I can handle it well. '

Hülkenberg uses his departure from Formula 1 as an opportunity to think about his professional future:' Any taskI need. It can also be business. But to have this adrenaline rush and to be in the competition that will have to be replaced somehow in the long term. '

The conclusion on ten years in Formula 1 is a bit mixed:' When I look back, I would have some can run better. The podium could have been. Here and there even more could have jumped out. The potential for more was there. But I can live with it. I also have to live with it because it can't be changed anyway. I'm at peace with myself. ”


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