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Formula 1 2016: This is how F1 cars are changing

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Formula 1 2016
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W while those responsible for Formula 1 are already carrying out the major rule reform for In preparation for 2017 or 2018, the technicians in the design offices are currently busy dealing with the changes in the regulations for 2016. It is well known that even small details have a big impact on Formula 1 cars. And so the engineers will certainly not run out of work during the winter break.

Formula 1 2016 with separate wastegate tailpipe

There is a small change to the cockpit protection, for example. In future, the side walls will have to be pulled 2 centimeters higher and withstand more stringent crash tests. More important for the fans, however, is the change in the exhaust system. In future, the wastegate valve will no longer blow the excess boost pressure into the exhaust pipe, but rather separately. This should improve the sound under full load.

The teams have a free choice in the arrangement of the wastegate tailpipes. Either one above or below the exhaust or two next to each other on the top and bottom of the tailpipe or one below and one above. Mercedes engine manager Andy Cowell promises: 'It will raise the sound by a few decibels and significantly improve the sound quality.'

In our technical animation, we will show you what the different solutions will look like. We have some additional information in the gallery.


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