Formula 1 2010: The new McLaren MP4-25

Formula 1: Presentation of the new McLaren MP4-25
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D he two world champions of the last two Years drive in a team in 2010. This has never happened before. Together, the two drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button pulled the silver cloth from the new company car on Friday (January 29th) in Newbury. After the messed-up start of the season last year, the new car should be competitive right from the start this time.

We're aiming for victories

'We have been so conscientious Prepared for a new season like never before ', explained team principal Martin Whitmarsh at the official presentation. 'The goal is clear. We aim to win.' The development team is also proud of the new plant. 'With two world champions in the team, the pressure on the engineers is of course particularly great,' complained chief technology officer Paddy Lowe. 'We are pleased that we can present a very sophisticated and very elegant car.'

The first thing that strikes you when you look at the new MP4-25 is the long fin on the airbox. The design presented by Red Bull in 2008 has gradually been tested and implemented by many teams. So far, the engineers from Woking had still relied on the conventional bonnet. That will change in the coming season. The air should be directed cleanly towards the rear wing through the silver screen. When the tail breaks out, the fin also acts like a brake sail.

Nose becomes wider, false and higher

At the front, you can also see Red Bull bonds . As with the new Ferrari, the nose of the new McLaren also moves significantly upwards. In addition, the front on the top is significantly wider and flatter than the round carbon tube from the previous season. As a result, the air should hit the baffles in front of the side pods with as little turbulence as possible and flow evenly towards the double diffuser in the rear.

Like Ferrari, McLaren had to react to the new regulations. As a result of the refueling ban, the capacity of the fuel tank had to be increased significantly. As a result, the car grew in length. The front tires have become narrower and the hubcaps are banned in 2010. McLaren had made particularly great strides in this area in recent years. 'The new rules offer challenges but also opportunities for both the engineers and the drivers,' says Whitmarsh.

Mercedes still partners

But one thing remains alsoSame in 2010: Although Mercedes dropped out as a partner, the car will continue to be on the road in the familiar silver-red look. Mercedes will remain as an engine partner. The star logo and the lettering of the Stuttgart car manufacturer can still be seen on the side of the engine cover. 'We have been partners for a long time, so we know that we have to be very strong to beat the works team,' explained Whitmarsh. Incidentally, Mercedes sports director Norbert Haug was unable to attend the ceremony. Haug is still complaining about problems with his voice.

McLaren has planned the first exit of the new MP4-25 for Monday (February 2nd) in Valencia. However, neither Hamilton nor Button is at the steering wheel. In order not to favor either of the two world champions, the team management decided to award test driver Gary Paffett the honor of the maiden voyage. The remaining 14 days of testing until the start of the season in Bahrain will then be split fairly between the two regular drivers.


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