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Force India with subdued hope: Hulkenberg counts on the race

Force India with subdued hope
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F or Force India, the first races of the year are a continuation of test drives. Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Perez reeled 1,699 kilometers in two and a half days in Barcelona. A third of what the competition did. The minimal program with the new car brought two insights. The VJM08 is too slow and the technology is reliable.

Therefore, the drivers' hopes for the start of the season are rather modest. 'If we score points in the first four races, it would be a mega job,' said Perez. Colleague Hülkenberg adds: 'The podium is not in here. With the little test we are clearly behind. But the first race always brings its own surprises. We have to be there when others get problems.'

Force India season start with pain

Hülkenberg and Perez are fully committed to the race. 'We're still lacking speed. We wouldn't have got it if we had tested for twelve days. If you have too little downforce, you don't just pull the lap time out of your hat. We have to make sure that we implement it optimally in the race The Mercedes engine will help us and maybe our understanding of the tires too, 'Hülkenberg hopes.

Perez also speaks of making maximum use of opportunities. 'The characteristics of the car have hardly changed compared to last year. We therefore know what to expect. The car's speed is not enough to make it into the points on its own. We have to do it through strategy or reliability I expect the season to start with pain. '


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