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Force India VJM08: First pictures of the finished car

Force India VJM08
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A was on Friday (02/27/2015) at 12:19 pm the time has finally come: Force India is the ninth Formula 1 team to present its new car for the 2015 Formula 1 season. However, there was no time for a longer presentation of the VJM08. Too much of the test winter has already been given away in the past few weeks. Nico Hülkenberg went straight out of the garage on the first installation lap.

The maiden voyage was preceded by a long warm-up of the Mercedes V6 engine. So photographers were forewarned that shortly before lunch break things would finally get serious with the long-announced debut of the Force India VJM08. On Wednesday, the team had already published the first computer graphics of the car. Now the first real photos are finally available.

First pictures of the Force India VJM08 for 2015

As with the other cars of the new year, the new front section is particularly eye-catching. According to information from auto motor und sport , the engineers had three nose variants in the shortlist, which differed in terms of length. For the first use, the technicians opted for the middle variant, which is reminiscent of Williams with its stub.

The air outlet of an S-duct can be seen behind the nose. As with Red Bull, the flow is led from below through the front upwards. This should improve the flow around the cockpit. The onboard cameras on the nose, contrary to the first graphics, do not grow out of the top of the nose, but rather laterally in accordance with the rules.

Head of Technology Andy Green had already indicated that the entire aerodynamics philosophy had been changed with the new car. Also thanks to the new staff in the technical office. And the data in the Toyota wind tunnel is promising. 'Our eyes were opened,' said Hülkenberg mysteriously when asked.

New technology in the 2015 Force India

Less visible than the redesigned front section are the new side pods with modified air inlets. Progress on the rear suspension is also difficult to see. Here, a hydraulic system will replace the conventional coil springs. This should make setup changes faster in the future.

Of course, there is nothing new from the engine supplier. The Force India VJM08 is also powered by a Mercedes. A real plus for Nico Hülkenberg: 'This is the easiest way to avoid a delayed startperform. '

The Rhinelander hopes that the test days in Barcelona will not show any major problems.' Of course, this is not the ideal preparation. That won't leave us without a trace in the first few races. We must now keep the damage low. Maybe we will do it the other way round to last year: start a little slower and then really strike at the end. '

In our gallery we show the new Force India VJM08 and analyze the first technical details.


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