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Force India proposal: Free choice of tires for everyone

Proposal by Force India
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A The Formula 1 strategy group will meet on May 14th. The big topic on the agenda: What should Formula 1 look like in 2017? Bernie Ecclestone sprinkles his standard proposal at regular intervals. The old V8 engines, but with 1,000 hp. But then he will run into a wall at the manufacturers.

When five chiefs of technology in Bahrain discussed possible solutions with FIA race director Charlie Whiting for the first time, Bernie burst into the group and said only: ' No matter what you do. Make sure they sell tickets. '

Tire selection secret until Thursday

Force India has had a seat in the strategy group since this year. The sixth in the World Cup last year replaced Lotus. The rebels from Silverstone will bring an interesting proposal to the group. Someone who is supposed to make the now so predictable business a little more unpredictable. None of these artificial suspenders, and also no idea that costs additional money.

Sports director Otmar Szafnauer suggests the following. 'Pirelli has four different compounds on offer. Why can't each team choose their two options individually? If the teams tell Pirelli four weeks in advance which compounds they want to have available for the respective Grand Prix, the tires can be produced on time So it doesn't cost more. The choice will then remain a secret until the Thursday before the race. That way we would have a topic everyone was talking about on Thursday. '

Different strategies with uncertain outcome

What would be the advantages? A team that has a tire-friendly car will tend to opt for softer compounds. And possibly rewarded for its vehicle concept. Conversely, however, a racing team with a more aggressive car may switch to harder compounds and thus save a pit stop.

There will also be teams that play poker and reserve two extreme types of tires for themselves: Supersoft and hard for example. Then you are doing well in training and can still survive in the race. The midfield in particular will tend to outsmart the big players with risky tire choices.

There are different strategies with an uncertain outcome. The teams would find it harder to stalk each other because they can no longer calculate the tire factor so easily.Provided the direct opponent drives on different mixes. Every now and then a team would speculate because it is too hot or too cold. If it rains, provisions are made. Pirelli of course brings the usual range of intermediates and extreme weather tires for everyone.

I bet that the proposal will fail due to the veto of the big teams! They are suspicious of anything that they cannot calculate or control beforehand. They would also get rid of rain racing if only they could. But it is precisely this calculability, which springs from the engineers' mania for perfection, that is one of the greatest problems in modern motorsport.

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