Force India: No name change before 2019

Stefan Baldauf
Force India has to wait
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E seems to be an endless story. Force India has been considering changing the name of the team since the middle of last year. Force India was to become Force One Racing. Or something like that. The new rights holders didn't want a name that could be confused with the F1 logo. The main reason for the name change is to become more attractive to sponsors. At the moment the official team name is Sahara Force India. A potential main sponsor should have squeezed in with his name. That would not have achieved the desired attention.

Without the word 'India' in the name, it would have been easier to create a team name that was easier for interested sponsors. Should a new title sponsor actually be found, Sahara would withdraw from its right to mention the company name and make room for new investors. The currently largest donor in the sponsor pool, BWT, has shown interest in playing this role, but has not yet been able to make a commitment. The title sponsor position would cost BWT more money. This has not yet been approved.

Rich Energy confirms purchase intentions

A name change would have to be discussed with a new owner or co-owner. If there was one. So far, however, there have only been letters of intent. Soft drink producer Rich Energy has denied statements from Force India that there was nothing to do with negotiations. In a statement from the company it says: 'Rich Energy is and will be in advanced talks about the purchase of the Force India Formula 1 team'.

Rich Energy also makes it clear: “Even if we cannot evaluate the comments from Force India employees that there is nothing wrong with the matter, they are incomprehensible to us in view of the numerous meetings, discussions and the Tax audit that took place over several months. The impression that this is a fantasy product is absolutely wrong. It's much more of a serious request that is already in an advanced state. ”

As long as there is no title sponsor or new owner, the name change is also on hold. Force India wants to do it all in one go. Since the FIA ​​and the rights holders did not receive an official application before the start of the season, nothing will change in the course of the season. The sports authority does not want participants under theSeason change their name. That would only cause confusion. Force India can therefore be called differently in 2019 at the earliest


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