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Football fever in the paddock: First German victory in Montreal

Football fever in the paddock
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S ebastian Vettel had it on Saturday in Montreal and not only on the track hurried. In the press conference, the world champion was unusually short. The journalists had to forego the usual extensive analyzes.

Alonso slows Vettel

When a Japanese reporter also wanted to know how the top three of the qualifying were doing with the design of his helmets , the fastest trainer had to apologize. 'I keep changing my helmets. A soccer game starts in 15 minutes. Germany is playing. If I answered the question in full, we'd still be sitting here tonight.'

Competitor Lewis Hamilton grinned: ' That was probably the best and shortest answer I've ever heard from him. ' And Fernando Alonso, who was also present at the press conference in third place, teased: 'Since Seb obviously wants to go quickly, I'll give a detailed answer. It all started with my go-kart helmets ...'

Rosberg with complete fan equipment

After the writing press had been dealt with, it went in front of the TV cameras. The national anthem was already playing in Lviv. When all the questions had been answered, Vettel hid in Bernie Ecclestone's pavilion to finally devote himself to the game. But the champion couldn't really make himself comfortable. After a few minutes, a promo date was waiting in front of the guests of the Paddock Club. Then briefings were announced. Vettel always kept himself up to date via live ticker.

The Mercedes drivers had it better. Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg postponed briefings and press appointments to watch the game in front of the silver pavilion. Rosberg had outfitted himself with black, red and gold fan accessories to match the occasion: a hat, glasses and an inflatable hand fit the occasion.

Schumacher keeps his fingers crossed

Together with team members and friends cheered the Mercedes stars with the national team. When the Portuguese hit the crossbar, Schumi and Rosberg blew deeply. The cheers at the winning goal by Mario Gomez could be heard throughout the Faherlager. In the end everyone clapped and celebrated the opening success. Except for a brief technical defect - in the middle of the first half the sound suddenly went on strike - a successful afternoon.

'That was the biggest challenge in the group,' commented Schumachersubsequently. 'The 1-0 win will hopefully give the boys confidence in the rest of the tournament. We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that they will survive the first round.' When the German team reaches the quarter-finals, the next football evening in the Faherlager will be in Valencia.

Team-mate Rosberg was also satisfied with the result: 'That was really an exciting and great game very happy and will continue to watch all the matches. I am convinced that we will go far. Maybe we can even win the tournament. '

Vettel wants to build on Germany's victory

Sebastian Vettel also congratulated the German team from afar, even if he only played football with one eye. 'From a German point of view, that was a nice Saturday evening. We hope that it will continue like this tomorrow and that we can pick up where we started in qualifying and the German team continued in between. I hope that it will be a good race.'

Football is also an important topic in the Ferrari warehouse. Shortly before the start of the Grand Prix, there will be a particularly explosive encounter on Sunday when Italy will face Spain. Not an easy situation for Fernando Alonso as an Iberian among the many Tifosi. But the two-time champion takes it with humor. 'There are still no taunts within the team. But if Spain win the game, not many people will come out for the pit stop.'


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