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First message from Niki Lauda: 'I'll be back soon'

First message from Niki Lauda
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N iki Lauda is a fighter. Less than four months after his lung transplant at the beginning of August, the 69-year-old Austrian spoke up again for the first time. In a one-minute video message to his team, the three-time world champion presented himself somewhat weakened, but already fully motivated to want to get back into the Formula 1 circus soon.

Above all, Lauda took the opportunity to thank you for the support during his time in the hospital: “As everyone knows, my health had a difficult time. The support I got from all of you people on this path has been amazing. I got out of the hospital bed faster because I felt at home with these family and friends, ”explained the famous patient.

Lauda congratulates the Mercedes team

After his discharge At the hospital at the end of October, Lauda is currently in an intensive rehabilitation phase. The healing process is going according to plan. According to the doctors treating her, Lauda could soon lead a normal life again. The Grand Prix legend with the red cap was not quite fit enough to visit the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

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So he had to convey the congratulations on the successes of his team by video message from Vienna: 'The achievements this year are outstanding', Lauda congratulated the whole team . 'Five world championship titles in a row, Lewis back at the top, Bottas too - we couldn't have done a better job.'

But Lauda wouldn't be Lauda,if he wasn't already thinking about the next challenges. And then the team can again rely on the help of the 'Foreign Minister'. In a friendly way, he “threatened” his team: “I'll be back soon. It starts again. The pressure rises again - on to the sixth title. “


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