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Financial worries at Lotus: will Kimi drive at Lotus in 2013?

Financial worries at Lotus?
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S he had been wondering for weeks why Lotus didn't have its drivers approved. Romain Grosjean had a plausible explanation. The Frenchman is still under observation after his series of accidents. Kimi Raikkonen actually couldn't get away from Lotus. After just five races, the Finn had the results that nailed him to the team for another year.

First YouTube then press release

The 2007 world champion had signed a two-year contract that included a performance-related option. Since he had already landed on the podium twice after five races, the racing team had done its duty.

But only on Monday (October 29th) after the GP India did the team finally confirm the further cooperation with the Iceman. However, the announcement was quite unusual: An official Lotus video appeared on YouTube in which the team briefly stated that Kimi will continue in 2013.

Kimi positively surprised by Lotus

It was only a few hours late that votes from those involved were submitted. 'In my opinion, my return to Formula 1 went pretty well and the team has done a good job all year. To be honest, I didn't expect to be fighting for the World Cup this season, if you look at where it is Team 2011 was ', the 33-year-old explained.

' It was great to be on the podium so often and to score regularly. I feel good at Lotus. We have the same attitude towards racing. To continue with the team was the obvious choice for me and I'm already looking forward to taking another step forward next year, 'was the reason for continuing the contract.

Team boss praises Raikkonen's attitude

The team leadership was also satisfied with the superstar. 'Kimi has made an extraordinary comeback in Formula 1. From the first moment in the cockpit it was clear that he had lost none of his pace and his technical understanding,' said team principal Eric Boullier. Before the season started, some experts doubted whether Kimi still had the necessary bite. Wrong.

'We were rewarded with a focused and motivated driver all year round,' said Boullier. 'The fact that Lotus can fight so high in the championship is in no small part due to Kimi's talent and experience. So it was only a logical consequence that we each otherhave secured their skills for the next season. '

Was Kimi looking for a new employer?

But if everyone agreed, why the long wait? The summer break is going downhill with Lotus. Only in Spa Raikkonen made it onto the podium. After that there were only 'small' points. Nevertheless, the 33-year-old silent from Espoo is still in third place in the overall standings Apparently nobody at Lotus feels like partying.

There have been bad rumors about the team since the Indian GP. People say that Lotus is for sale. And even more. That the employees have been on their last for a few days Waiting for salary, and that there are also outstanding debts from suppliers. On Sunday there was even more whispering in the paddock. Kimi Räikkönen allegedly has not yet received a salary and is said to have asked other teams as a precaution whether there are still free places. p>

Lotus F1 Team is in the red

There should also be a loan from Proton, the former parent company of Lotus, which has not yet been repaid. If the guilt is not compensated, the racing team can reportedly fall into the hands of the Malaysian car company.

Boullier denies sales rumors

Rumors about Lotus have often been heard. In 2009 they borrowed money from Bernie Ecclestone on short notice. This led to the conclusion that the racing team was broke. Three years later the team is still there. So it may well be that the story will soon dissolve in favor.

Despite the many indications, the team in India tried to nip the sales rumors in the bud. About the English magazine 'autosport' denied team boss Eric Boullier: 'Of course there are a lot of conversations going on in the background. But for us I can only say: the team is not for sale, the team has not been sold and the team is not being sold either.' br>


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