Fight for sixth place: It's about nine million

Force India
Fight for sixth place
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J Now that the world championship is just one question for Vettel the time is, the focus is on the position battles behind it. Between Force India, Sauber and ToroRosso it's about places six to eight. Or $ 9 million more or less from Bernie Ecclestone's cake. At the moment Force India is clearly ahead. Singapore's twelve-point coup added 48 points to the account. Sauber follows with 36, ToroRosso with 29 points.

Force India is even looking for fifth place

At Force India, one secretly dreams of fifth place. Renault is in crisis and only 22 points away. One hopes at Force India, and it could still be tight for the Enstone opponent. Especially since Force India with Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta is also better manned in terms of driving than Renault with Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna. At Sauber, they have completely different plans. They want to make up lost ground on Force India. And ToroRosso is not yet hopelessly behind.

The combatants are comparable in terms of crew strength and budgets. Between 280 and 300 employees, between 80 and 100 million euros in the till. The ToroRosso pilots have 91 missions. Force India is almost on par with 89 GP starts, only Sauber is slightly behind with 47 Grand Prix for Kobayashi and Perez.

The differences begin with the development schedule. After a miserable test winter, Force India pulled out of the swamp with a high hit rate in the development steps. Andy Green's team successfully copied the Red Bull concept. Low front, high rear, a lot of suspension travel on the rear axle, the exhaust blows under the diffuser inside the rear wheels. Force India ignited its final stage of technology in Singapore. Side pods and underbody were new. The VJM04 is no longer just a car for certain routes but an all-rounder. The initially high tire wear is now under control.
Sauber's strength lies in the race. No other car is so careful with its tires. The implementation in World Cup points has recently stalled because you rarely see the checkered flag. In Monza, a third gear shift claw in the Ferrari transmission struck twice. Apparently it broke due to aggressive shifting strategies. The Ferrari works team also had problems, but with a good outcome. In Singaporethe gears were opened and the damaged claws repaired.

Cleanly plagued by defects

A total of five defects could become a coffin nail for Sauber . Force India is in a much better position with two defects and 1,579 to 1,454 laps. At ToroRosso, it's more the drivers who are the problem. They threw away points three times due to accidents. Overall record: 1,487 racing laps. Peter Sauber still had the disqualification of Melbourne because of illegal rear wings and the failures of Monza in his stomach: 'We gave away 20 points to Force India.' Exhaust on. When the FIA ​​announced the ban on active blowing, they had ordered supplies for the inward-pointing exhaust in Hinwil. If one had resumed the work that was interrupted after the association's change of heart, 500,000 euros would have been burned. Technical director James Key preferred to concentrate on 2012. In Suzuka, wings and an underbody are presented that are already harbingers of next year's C31. Peter Sauber is combative: 'We will set heaven and hell in motion for sixth place.'
ToroRosso pursued an aggressive development policy. The racing team from Faenza had to crash test three times. According to the FIA ​​regulations, a new nose, new side boxes and the conversion of the transmission and rear axle require a crash in the laboratory first. The ToroRosso shines with similar qualities as the Sauber. His hour strikes in the race. First, because the car is easy on the tires. Second, because the right decisions are usually made at the pit wall. But Force India has caught up there too. The two-stop tactic for di Resta and Sutil in Singapore turned out to be spot on.


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