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Fifth double victory for Mercedes: Silver Arrows also favorite in Monaco

Fifth double victory for Silver Arrows
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B Sunday in Barcelona couldn't have been better for Mercedes. Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche was able to celebrate once again with the two Silver Arrow drivers on the podium in his last F1 race at the head of the car company. Football star Neymar also came to cheer on his buddy Lewis Hamilton. While the rest of the Formula 1 world was groaning, nobody in the Mercedes warehouse went home disappointed

While the victories at the beginning of the season were partly happy and hard-fought, the permanent world champion now only plays along the competition. In Barcelona of all places, where the Silver Arrows had so many problems during the test drives, the team celebrated the easiest success of the year.

Will Mercedes win everything now?

Everyone lined up in the paddock the question of whether Mercedes will make short work of the remaining 16 races. “That's not realistic. We have to stay humble and look from race to race. We don't see any success as guaranteed, ”said Toto Wolff in the usual admonishing pose. And then to add: 'Red Bull and Ferrari both have the resources to turn things around in a short time.'

Motorsport Images
Lewis Hamilton celebrated the third win in a row.

Yes The Austrian probably didn't quite believe his own sentences himself. Mercedes faces the biggest hurdle in the hunt for the perfect season in two weeks, when it comes to Monaco. At Red Bull, after their victory in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes was also the favorites for the classic street circuit: “They were clearly the fastest here in the curvy sector 3. So you should have the best car in Monaco too, 'fears Christian Horner

Wolff is already very excited about the most famous city race in the world:' It's a track that we're going tohave not performed well in recent years. Last year Ricciardo drove there in a league of its own. The challenge is big, but we are really excited to see how it goes this time. I wish the race would be tomorrow. ”

Mercedes ensures boredom

But Wolff also knows that his own team's record series is poison for the attractiveness of Formula 1. Nobody wants to see how Mercedes celebrates one double victory after the other. Even Hamilton declared after his third win of the season that he would like a little more resistance from the competition in order to give the game a little more spice.

Motorsport Images
Even Lewis Hamilton would like more Resistance from the competition. Simple wins are only half the fun.

His team boss sees himself in a bind. “We can only try to do our job as well as possible. When everything comes together like this after all the problems in winter, then it is very satisfying for everyone in the team. Of course, as a fan you want surprise and variety. I also had a lot of fun watching Liverpool's comeback in the Champions League. I shared the excitement with the laptop on my lap. But that can't be a goal for our team. ”

Formula 1 still interesting for Mercedes?

The past has shown that dominant works teams run the risk of wanting to win at any point in time to lose because there is simply nothing left to prove. The latest example of this theory is called Porsche. After three Le Mans victories, the plug was pulled in the LMP1 program in Weissach. Now, of course, many are wondering whether this risk also exists at Mercedes.

Wolff denies: “We also discussed this topic on the Board of Management. However, we came to the conclusion that there is always a cycle of ups and downs in Formula 1. There will certainly be times again that are very difficult. Like the early years of this decade. Then there are good times again. As a brand, we are positioned for the long term and ready to go through all of these phases. '

According to Wolff, this is not a guarantee for all time:' Of courseone asks oneself whether the framework conditions will change and whether one strives for maximum success and then stays or leaves. The truth is somewhere in the middle. The platform still makes sense to us. The number of viewers continues to grow steadily. Formula 1 is simply a great showcase for the Mercedes-Benz brand. But of course I don't know how the auto industry will develop in the next five to eight years. I can only say that it is still really fun at the moment. ”The competition certainly sees that very differently.


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