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FIA takes action: Young Drivers test with regular drivers

FIA takes action
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D he dramatic tire problems at Pirelli call for unusual solutions. FIA President Jean Todt personally interfered in the matter to get the issue off the table as quickly as possible. The Frenchman can present the first result just one day after the much-discussed British Grand Prix.

In order to collect more representative data at the Young Drivers Test and to be able to test tires more efficiently, the original Junior -Week now also experienced pilots admitted. The limitation to drivers with less than 2 grands prix no longer applies. In the week between the races at the Nürburgring and the Hungaroring (June 17th to 19th) in Silverstone, the teams are allowed to drive with their permanent staff if they wish.

Todt has technology and sports laws changed

The test could also be extended by another day, announced the FIA. In order to enforce the decision as quickly as possible, the FIA ​​World Council is to change Article 22.4 of the Sports Code in a quick decision. This refers to the test ban during the season and the original restriction to a three-day Young Drivers test.

But that's not enough. Todt wants to have Article 12.6.3 of the technical regulations changed in one go. This states that changes to the tires during a season can only be made if all teams agree. This unanimity will no longer apply in the future so that tire manufacturers can no longer be blocked by individual teams in the event of change requests.

'It is our main concern to create safe conditions for everyone in Formula 1. We believe that the Silverstone incidents represent a real danger to the pilots, 'explained Todt the steps. 'So we decided to modify the Young Drivers Test so that the teams can use the drivers they see as suitable for tire development to solve the problems we saw at the British Grand Prix, I think , it is appropriate to carry out this test work on the track on which the problems occurred. '

Mercedes through test ban at a disadvantage?

At first it was unclear whether the experienced drivers would also be allowed to work on the technical development of the cars. The FIA ​​statement emphasized that theThe use of specialists should only be used to solve tire problems, but the evaluation of update packages was not explicitly excluded.

The world association subsequently stated that its own observers should be sent to the test in Silverstone in order to ensure that the regular drivers only test the new tires. That should calm down Mercedes in particular. As is known, the Silberpfeil team was excluded from the Young Drivers Test. The advantage of the competition through the use of permanent staff in the cockpit is therefore limited.

The question is of course how the officials are supposed to recognize that a few new parts have not been installed under the carbon dress. Mercedes will certainly send a few representatives to Silverstone to keep an eye on the competition.

Danger at the Nürburgring?

The question now was how the danger at the race at the Nürburgring next weekend is great and whether the tire drama is threatened again. In the Eifel, there is significantly less stress due to the lack of fast curves. But as long as you don't know the reason for the flat tires at Silverstone, there is still uncertainty. To reassure the drivers, the FIA ​​Pirelli asked for a safety guarantee that the problems that occurred in Silverstone will not recur.

In our picture gallery we show you again the dramatic tire blowouts in Silverstone. p>


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