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FIA specifies rules: helmet change ban is coming

FIA specifies rules
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W what would be Formula 1 if there weren't always new rules ? Instead of finally taking care of major reforms, those responsible were ultimately only able to agree on small things. Including the much discussed ban on changing helmet designs. Despite criticism from drivers and many fans, Paragraph 21.1 in the sporting regulations has been officially adapted with the last update in this special point.

Penalty for helmet sinners still unclear

It says es: 'In order to be able to better distinguish the drivers from one another on the track, the helmets of every driver must be essentially identical in design for all races of the season.' This means that regularly changing paintwork, as we were used to from Sebastian Vettel, for example, is no longer possible. Individual special helmets for special events are also a thing of the past.

However, the paragraph still leaves some questions unanswered. The extent to which the word 'substantial' allows even smaller changes is probably a matter of interpretation. In an emergency, the pilots are at the mercy of the FIA ​​commissioners. The question of punishment is also unresolved. The rulers cannot impose more than a fine. Every pilot has to decide for himself whether this is worth the fun. Vettel has already announced that he would accept smaller fines.

Start numbers free again after 2 years

Incidentally, there is also a new rule for the start numbers. The FIA ​​has now determined when a number that has once been assigned will be available again for another driver - namely only after the end of his Formula 1 career. When does a career end? According to the FIA, this is the case if a driver has not competed in Formula 1 for 2 years in a row. With smaller breaks like that of Kimi Räikkönen or Michael Schumacher, there could be discussions.


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