FIA punishes Schumacher for a 290 km / h foul

Michael Schumacher in the criticism
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F five laps before the end of the race there was a duel in Hungary old Ferrari enemies. At 290 km /h Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello fought a thrilling duel on the edge of the pit wall.

Schumacher pushes Barrichello against the wall

After a small mistake by the German in Barrichello sought his chance on the inside of the target corner. Wheel to wheel, the Mercedes and the Williams shot down the home straight. Schumacher kept pushing inward until the Brazilian finally drove on the meadow.

The blue and white car moved closer and closer to the pit wall until Barrichello finally passed the Silver Arrow at the height of the pit exit. 'I was lucky that the wall came to an end there. It was only a few millimeters. That is the worst thing that has happened to me in my career,' Barrichello grumbled after the near-crash.

Lauda criticizes Schumacher

The record-breaking Grand Prix participant from Sao Paulo quickly had a few voices in the paddock: 'Unacceptable. Unnecessary. Unfair,' said ex-champion Niki Lauda in a few words together. 'That was really very borderline', agreed ex-driver colleague Marc Surer.

The stewards also shared Barrichello's opinion. After both drivers were questioned about the situation and the TV images were evaluated, the FIA ​​commissioners imposed a severe penalty. Ironically, at his favorite race in Spa, Schumi has to start ten places further back.

Schumacher: 'No coffee trip'

Schumacher himself could not understand the whole fuss about the action. 'This is not a coffee trip here,' the Mercedes driver played down the situation. 'There was enough space for my purposes. Of course, I didn't want to let him by voluntarily.' In the end, he grudgingly had to accept the FIA ​​penalty. 'It was a tough fight. And that's what we're here for. I accept, however, that the stewards considered it too tough.'


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