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FIA extends summer break: 63 days work break for Formula 1 teams

FIA extends summer break
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D ie Corona crisis never ends. While the contact blocks are being relaxed in some European countries, Formula 1 is tightening its work bans. At a time when the start of the season in Austria is being considered at the beginning of July, the FIA ​​and the teams have agreed to extend the summer break a third time. For teams and engine manufacturers. The measure is intended to save the teams and their engine partners costs.

Assuming that no Grand Prix will take place before July, the world association and the racing teams had already agreed at the end of March to close the factory from two to three weeks to extend and move forward in March and April. A little later, the forced standstill was extended from 21 to 35 days. And for the first time, the engine manufacturers also had to close their factory gates.

Formula 1 has been at a standstill since the end of March.

Exceptions for ten employees

Since after the cancellations of Baku and Montreal and the probable relocation of the French GP, it is practically certain that no race will take place before July and that the teams are not in the process of suffocating at the moment, everyone involved met on Thursday (April 23) agreed to extend work breaks. The teams now have to lock up for 63 instead of 35 days, the engine manufacturers 49 instead of 35 days. This will extend the factory closure for racing teams that only announced their summer break at the beginning of April until June.

However, there are exceptions. 50 days after the start of the shutdown, a maximum of ten employees are allowed to work on projects with a long lead time, as long as they do not concern aerodynamics. The teams must register the names, the job description and the corresponding project with the FIA. The same applies to the engine manufacturers. Here you canten employees resume work on long-term developments 36 days after the start of the summer break. The application must be submitted to the FIA ​​ten days in advance.


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