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FIA controls radio ban: can the teams still shit?

FIA controls radio ban
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A uf the FIA ​​is a little more stressed this year. The tightened radio ban has meant that all communications with the command posts have to be bugged. Race director Charlie Whiting doesn't see this as a big problem: 'There are 4 people in the race control, each with 3 drivers on their ears. And then there are 4 or 5 engineers who also listen to 2 or 3 pilots. It's a simple one Affair. And the pilots don't talk that much either. We'll surely hear every radio message. '

FIA checks radio and pit boards

However, the FIA ​​fears that the teams will encode their driver Sends prohibited information to messages. 'We had some strange questions during the discussions about what is allowed or not. But if we hear something that seems strange to us, we can look at the data later to see whether the driver has changed any settings. We'll pay attention in the next race see if it happens again. '

The FIA ​​also wants to monitor non-verbal communication. Only information that is also permitted via radio may appear on the pit boards. The referees will therefore have the boards filmed with a separate camera. 'Whenever we see anything strange, we ask the teams why something was done like this.'

Time penalties for serious violations

Should a team be caught shitting, the FIA ​​will decide with a sense of proportion. 'The commissioners will issue a penalty depending on the severity of the offense. In the case of minor violations, there is first a warning. In worse cases, it can also issue a warning. If a driver has gained a clear advantage through a radio message, time penalties are also possible. '


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