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FIA and Ecclestone give in: China qualification again in 2015 mode

FIA and Ecclestone give in
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A on Thursday (7.4.2016) the FIA ​​had the 11 teams called for voting. In addition to the controversial knockout mode, which was used in Australia and Bahrain, a new idea was the second option on the ballot paper. In the format conjured up by Ecclestone on Sunday in Bahrain, the 2 fastest times from each qualifying section should decide on the placement.

F1 teams win qualifying dispute

Yes Although Bahrain had tentatively signaled their approval of the system with cumulative times, the 11 teams opposed it on Thursday. Instead, in a joint letter, they called on F1 marketer Bernie Ecclestone, FIA President Jean Todt and the rights holders of CVC to end the scramble for the Quali format and return to the 2015 format.

'We have offered to go back and then calmly look for a new system with which Bernie's goals can be achieved, 'explained Niki Lauda. The unified approach of the teams and the protests of the fans have had an effect. Ecclestone and the FIA ​​have given in. As the World Motorsport Association wrote in a press release on Thursday evening, the F1 boss and the FIA ​​have accepted 'in the interest of the sport to submit the proposal to the F1 Commission and the World Motorsport Council to return to the 2015 qualification format' /p>

With Todt and Ecclestone's approval, these two hurdles are only a matter of form. Qualifying for the Chinese GP will be held in the usual mode that is popular with fans.

Both Todt and Ecclestone welcome the team's suggestion, as described by Lauda, ​​to sit down together at a table in order to calmly look for a new format and play through all eventualities. Ecclestone's goal is to get more variety on the grid and then produce more entertaining races on Sunday. The teams say they are ready to try out alternatives at the end of the season when the world championship is decided.


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