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Fewer and fewer tire changes: from 375 to 225 pit stops

Fewer and fewer tire changes
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F Pirelli was previously criticized because their tires were only minute burners . Today the Italian tire manufacturer gets it on the ears because the tires last too long. 'We can't please anyone,' said sports director Paul Hembery with gallows humor.

Since Pirelli returned to the premier class in 2011, there have never been so few pit stops. In the year of his return, 337 pit stops were counted after the first 6 races. The number was even surpassed in 2013. 375 stops are the highest value in five years of the Pirelli monopoly.

Monte Carlo had the fewest stops at 31 and Barcelona had the most stops at 83. 2013 was the season when Pirelli fell on the nose with the steel ring in the carcass. Since then, the durability of Pirelli soles has steadily increased.

One-stop races are increasing

Last year, from Melbourne to Monte Carlo, only 261 tire changes and five drive-through fines were counted . This season there are another 36 fewer tire changes. This is due to the fact that the rear tires are even more resistant thanks to the new casing and that 2 less vehicles are at the start.

A negative record was 17 stops in Australia. The tire service was most frequently used in Bahrain. A total of 50 times. With Melbourne and Monte Carlo there have already been two one-stop races.

Only the GP Malaysia was a real three-stopper. Even if the winner Sebastian Vettel got by with two stops. The majority of the pilots had to pick up fresh tires 3 times. It used to be the same in Barcelona. This year only 6 of the 20 drivers came to the pits 3 times to change tires.

Pirelli remains on the tough line

The drivers and teams who used to complain about soft tires , now demand softer soles. In Monte Carlo, even the super soft and soft mixtures were a step too hard for the pilots. Pirelli only wants to rethink its tire policy at the end of the season. Then when the classic one-stop races are on the agenda.

How did Pirelli President Marco Tronchetti Provera say in Monte Carlo? 'It is easier to develop a tire that can cover a race distance than one that can only run 10, 20 or 30 laps in a controlled and safe manner.'


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