Ferrari's flutter wing causes trouble

Red Bull copy?
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D he new front wing from Ferrari made its debut at the GP Korea. In the race he could only be seen on Fernando Alonso's car. From a purely visual point of view, it is a copy of the Red Bull grand piano. Obviously, Ferrari's new design has inherited other properties from its model. It was already evident in Korea that the new wing moves more under load than the old one.

Ferrari front wing grinds on the asphalt

In the first practice session for the Indian GP, ​​the wing fluttered extremely. Ferrari had apparently gone one step further in developing the wing. Because the wing movements were visible to the naked eye on the TV pictures, Ferrari had the wing tested for rigidity at the FIA. Result: The wing passed the static test perfectly.

We already know the story from Red Bull. The world championship team has been suspected for over a year of using a front wing that deforms in a controlled manner when the pressure is applied so that the end plates rub against the road. This creates additional downforce. Despite all doubts, Red Bull passed every test so far.

Two explanations for the wing trick

The competition had developed two theories for the Red Bull wing. First: Because of the strong pitch of the car forwards, the front wing end plates are already lower over the road than on the other cars. If the wing tips are pulled while standing, nothing happens.

Now theory two comes into play. Apparently a sophisticated fiber structure ensures that the wing elements first have to bend backwards before they can fold down vertically. But the whole thing is so complicated that Red Bull's opponents did not find a green branch when copying. Until Ferrari showed up with his version of the flutter wing.

New suspension helps with the installation of the car

Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso's two Ferraris are equipped with the so-called HCC suspension. HHC stands for High Camber Change. This type of suspension, which made its debut at Silverstone, leaves the car higher up in the springs and automatically goes to more camber when it is compressed. The employment reduces the distance between the front wing and the road.

It looks like the Ferrari technicians have gone one step further with the flexibility of the wing after the first assignment in Korea. Some thinkmaybe even a step too far. McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa observed: “The Ferrari wing has rebounded on bumps. But that was only the case at the beginning of the training. The drivers complained about heavy pumping on the front axle. Setup corrections eliminated the problem.

New flutter wing, a copy of the Red Bull?

What initially caused amusement in the paddock turned into after the second training session a serious subject. Massa and Alonso had taken first and third place. On Saturday the red cars apparently drove a more civil version. The ends of the wings didn't drag so extremely - and a second was immediately missing.

The question that arises is why Ferrari is now deciphering the mystery of the Red Bull wing Has. Some Red Bull employees suspect this. When Mark Webber collided with Felipe Massa in the chicane in Monza, half of the Red Bull's front wing was lost on the way to his crash in the Parabolica. He was never found. A villain who thinks the part has landed in Maranello.

In our photo gallery, we use Red Bull as an example to show how the trick works.


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