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Ferrari's arguments rejected: Mexico result remains

Ferrari's arguments rejected
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U m 4:45 p.m. local time it came in Sao Paulo for a conference call. Jock Clear and not team boss Maurizio Arrivabene represented Ferrari. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and team manager Jonathan Wheatley spoke for Red Bull. On the other side of the line were the race stewards of the GP Mexico 2016: Garry Connelly, Silvia Bellot, Danny Sullivan and Jorge Rodriguez. For logistical reasons, the phone call was only made after the second free practice session. Because the commissioners come from different countries: USA, Mexico, Australia and Spain.

Ferrari causes head shaking in the paddock

The hearing revolved around the new evidence that Ferrari had in the days after the Mexican GP in order to retroactively cancel the 10-second penalty against Sebastian Vettel. Article 14.1 of the Sports Act allows any team to request a new investigation. McLaren had exercised this right in 2007 because of a dispute over a lighter transmission housing that had not been approved by the FIA ​​due to the lack of a crash test. As before an appeal in court, the prerequisite is that new evidence is submitted.

Ferrari had justified the step, which caused a lot of head shaking in the paddock, as follows: “In the light of the importance of setting a precedent for the future and In order to create clarity for future incidents of this kind, Ferrari is convinced that the stewards should reopen the case. '

Stewards reject Ferrari

What new evidence did Ferrari have now submitted? First, Sebastian Vettel's racing team referred to Article 27.4 of the Sports Act. Second, they brought GPS data into play. Ferrari argued that Article 27.4 of Race Director Charlie Whiting could have ruled that Max Verstappen should have given back his alleged advantage after shortening turn two. In other words: in Ferrari's opinion, Verstappen should have let Vettel by. And then it would not have come to the incident between Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo a lap later. Because the Ferrari star had changed lane to defend against Ricciardo on the brakes, the stewards gave him a 10-second penalty hours after the race, which cost Vettel the podium.

The Mexico commissioners rejected Ferraris Reasoning back. Whiting does have the right to have a driverinstructing to slow down so as not to have an advantage. But he is not obliged to. The GPS data presented by Ferrari were also not accepted as new evidence. 'When the stewards asked if the GPS data in any way contradicted the telemetry data and other sighted evidence that the car with starting number five had steered during braking, Mr. Clear said no.'


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