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Ferrari win at the right time: & # 34; have to stay on the ground & # 34;

Ferrari victory at the right time
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M it was a win at the Hungarian GP at Ferrari nobody expected the weekend. Although on the slow track outside Budapest you saw yourself closer to Mercedes than at Silverstone, but there was no doubt that the silver was superior. What made Sebastian Vettel wishful thinking on the Thursday before the race. 'If I could choose, I would like to take a second win for Ferrari in Monza.'

The Ferrari will run from Saturday

It worked earlier. Three days later, the Ferrari driver was at the top of the podium with Technical Director James Allison. And sprinkled the champagne together with Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo.

The start of the GP weekend for Ferrari was still a mess. On Friday morning, a short circuit temporarily put Vettel's car out of service. Kimi Raikkonen's front wing broke off. The frequencies on the curbs rubbed the material softly.

There was no speed in the afternoon. The gap to Hamilton grew to over a second. To make matters worse, Vettel turned twice. 'James Allison had said to me that it was the worst day of training in his career,' revealed Maurizio Arrivabene.

Instead of putting his men under pressure, the Ferrari team boss laid on his hand. 'I said to the team: stay calm and analyze what happened. In the third training session, we managed to turn around.' From there on, the balance in the car adjusted and Ferrari was the second force in the field.

Arrivabene regrets Raikkonen retirement

On Sunday the Scuderia surprised everyone. With a lightning start, Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen grabbed the Mercedes from positions 3 and 5. And then settled down safely. For more than 40 laps it looked like an undisputed double success. It would have been the first for Ferrari since the scandalous race at Hockenheim in 2010. But then the electrical power of the MGU-K on Raikkonen's SF15-T. Which at first made him an easy victim for Rosberg and Ricciardo and later forced him to give up.

'I'm very disappointed with what happened to Kimi. He was really good today. Especially at the start. But like that is Formula 1. Sometimes you win because the others failed. And sometimes it works the other way around, 'commented Arrivabene soberly.

Vettel reeled the 69-lap distance without any problemsdown. His victory was the first after 7 unsuccessful races. For Ferrari, the second triumph in 2015 came at the right time. In Spain, Monaco, Canada, Austria and England no country had been seen against Mercedes before. At Silverstone Ferrari even needed rain to keep Williams in check.

Ferrari minimum target achieved

Die critical voices grew louder. Again, the updates during the season didn't seem to be producing the desired results. The Hungarian victory is all the more important. He gives the team rest for the summer break. 'A month ago everything we did was bad. We have to stay on the ground after the win and keep working hard,' said the team boss, giving the direction. 'My shoulders are broad. That distributes the load. I said before the season that we wanted to win two races. It's a normal process in which we are. We were far away at the beginning and then almost closed the gap . Later we fell back a bit. The others are also developing. The general development of us is fine. '

Ferrari has thus achieved the minimum goal of two wins. If there are more successes in the second half of the season, the Italian wants to run 100 kilometers barefoot to Maranello, as he flatted in December. Arrivabene does not raise expectations too high. 'We still have 9 races ahead of us. Hopefully many more like today. But you also have worse races, like at Silverstone. But that doesn't mean that you develop backwards. Like the other teams, we sometimes have bad days.' /p>

Arrivabene evades Räikkönen's future

As usual, the team boss was asked about the future of Raikkonen in his media discussion. Instead of a clear answer, there is a small swipe at the journalists' guild. 'You always complain that we always give the same answers. But you don't think about asking the same questions over and over again. All I can say is: we are concentrating on our car.'


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