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Ferrari updates in the video: Italy lays the basis for a major attack in 2016

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Ferrari updates in the video
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T he Ferrari fans can be satisfied. After the second win in Hungary, the Scuderia was able to meet the goals of the season. The third success in the night race came as an encore. 'We have halved the gap to Mercedes this year,' said Chief Technology Officer James Allison recently in Russia.

But the engineers in Maranello are far from being able to rest. 'We have to take another step like this in the coming year if we want to be able to win on our own. We have to find eight tenths over the winter', Allison calculates.

Ferrari updates work

The latest updates have shown that the new wind tunnel at the company's Italian headquarters is working. The front wing was completely overhauled before the summer break. In Singapore came a new underbody with new slots on the outside and small additional wings on the crash structure behind the diffuser.

Ferrari could actually have saved the updates. There is nothing more to win this year. Mercedes has both titles as good as in their pockets. There is no longer any danger from behind. 'The time for big updates is over,' said Sebastian Vettel, putting the Tifosi off.

But the new underbody in particular had to be used this season. Ferrari tries to drive a little higher in the rear area and to generate more downforce through the increased amount of air under the diffuser. The slots reduce the risk of the flow between the two rear wheels being disturbed. We expect the next step here in the coming year.

New Ferrari engine in Austin?

Also in Incidentally, when it comes to engines, Ferrari wants to add more this year. The Italians still have 4 tokens left. In order to test the update on the racetrack, the Italians even want to accept a penalty for using a fifth engine. Only the time has not yet been determined. According to the latest rumors, the update - a narrower block for slimming down the rear - should already be operational. But Vettel still has arithmetical chances of winning the title in Austin.

In our technology video, we first show you the aerodynamic updates from the last races. As usual, you can find more details about the individual modifications in the picture gallery.


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