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Ferrari test in Fiorano: Sainz & Leclerc in the SF-21

The Ferrari drivers completed their first test kilometers of the year a little earlier than the competition. In Fiorano, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and reserve driver Robert Shwartzman were able to shake the rust of the winter break out of their bones.

It is extremely practical to have your own test track right on your doorstep. Ferrari not only uses its almost three-kilometre asphalt strip in Fiorano to test production sports cars, but also regularly lets the stars of the premier class off the leash on the curvy and compact eight-wheel layout.

Test drives outside of the official sessions are of course strictly forbidden with current models. But with racing cars from previous generations, the teams can unwind as many kilometers as they want. And so Ferrari has been grooving for the coming season for a few years now at the end of January.

Shwartzman and Sainz are greeted by rain

It's not only the pilots who can shake off the rust of the winter break, but also the mechanics. During the first practice session, the entire racing team simulates parts of a Grand Prix weekend, learns new processes and trains new mechanics. The only problem is the weather. Even in the north of Bella Italia, the mercury rarely rises above ten degrees in January.

Test and reserve driver Robert Shwartzman kicked off what is internally known as the "Wake-Up Test Run" on Tuesday (January 24). Shortly after 10 a.m., the young pilot rolled out of the garage for the first time in the two-year-old SF21. Because the conditions in the morning were still extremely cold and damp, only 35 laps on rain tires were completed before the break.

In the afternoon, the Russian added another 52 laps until another shower stopped the program prematurely. Incidentally, Ferrari Junior Arthur Leclerc and the two young racing drivers Maya Weug and Aurelia Nobels from the Ferrari Academy also stopped by Shwartzman's session to see how a racing team works in Formula 1.

Vasseur visits the emergency team

On Wednesday (January 25), Carlos Sainz, the first regular pilot, was allowed to take over the helm of the red goddess. Here, too, the slope was initially still damp and very cold when the program began at 10:08 sharp. 26 laps in the morning and 93 laps in the afternoon, which was also mixed, brought the total mileage to a total of 354 kilometers.

At the end on Thursday (26.1.) Charles Leclerc reported back to work. The Monegasque caught somewhat friendlier weather and was therefore able to use the day more productively than his colleagues before. He completed 123 laps in total.

The new team boss Frederic Vasseur also took the opportunity to drop by his team and sniff some racing fuel. Carlos Sainz also stopped by to see what his team-mate was doing.

In the gallery we show you some impressions of the test run in Fiorano. The fans and drivers will have to wait a little longer for the new car. The 2023 model is scheduled to be unveiled on February 14.


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