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Ferrari stronger in Bahrain ?: & # 34; Mercedes retirement would be welcome & # 34;

Ferrari stronger again in Bahrain?
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S ebastian Vettel is on top again. After 3 podium places in a row, expectations of the Germans have increased. Especially in Italy one would like to see a repeat of the heat success of Malaysia. But Vettel holds the ball flat: 'The problem is that the sun goes down here in Bahrain at some point. So it won't be as hot as in Malaysia.'

Vettel in front of Kimi like in 2012 and 2013?

Ferrari will not be able to exploit its tire advantage as hoped. In the race, the red cars should still be more competitive than they were last time. The Sakhir Circuit mainly puts a strain on the rubbers on the rear axle. This is where Ferrari has its strengths. 'We should be doing pretty well,' said Vettel, optimistic about the race weekend. 'The car has worked in all conditions so far. We just have to make sure that we are right behind Mercedes.'

Vettel fondly remembers the years 2012 and 2013. At that time he fought with his Red Bull in Bahrain against Kimi Raikkonen - back then in the Lotus - for the win. 'It would be nice if we would repeat that. But I think we have to be realistic. Mercedes currently has the strongest package. It's hard to beat them. I just hope we're a little closer than last. '

Escalation in the Mercedes duel?

Maybe Vettel will get help from the silver store. Just a few days ago in China, the Ferrari driver was able to see from close quarters how much Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are at war - first during the race and then at the press conference. Last year both Mercedes were very close to a collision in Bahrain.

Vettel does not expect an escalation: 'Both are sensible and know how to handle it. It doesn't matter to us. We have to focus on ourselves. If they knock each other out, everyone benefits - not just us. So that would be most welcome. But we don't expect something like this to happen. '


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