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Ferrari stall order in Hockenheim: Ferrari escapes further punishment

Ferrari stall order in Hockenheim
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F full speed for Ferrari: The Formula 1 racing team is escaped another punishment in the Hockenheim team order affair. The World Motorsport Council of the International Automobile Federation FIA confirmed on Wednesday in Paris only the fine of $ 100,000 imposed on the Scuderia by the race stewards. The sports judges rejected a possible point deduction, suspension or even exclusion of the traditional team from the World Cup Victory given. Such a team order has been prohibited by the regulations since 2002. However, following the Paris decision, the ban is on the brink. The World Council recommended that the relevant paragraph 39.1 of the regulations should be examined. The consequence could be the lifting of the team order ban from the coming season.

Ferrari denies command of the stable management

Ferrari always denied that Massa had given Massa a clear request to brake to have. 'My team just kept me informed about what happened behind me,' said the Brazilian himself. Before the dubious overtaking maneuver on lap 49, his racing engineer Rob Smedley called out to him on the pit radio: 'Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm that you understood that? '

According to the verdict, everything stays the same in the World Cup. The Spaniard Alonso is fifth with 141 points ahead of the Ferrari home game in Monza on Sunday, 41 points behind world championship leader Lewis Hamilton. Massa has 109 points in the account. In the constructors' championship, Ferrari is third behind Red Bull (330) and McLaren (329) with 250 points.

Discussions about stable management paragraphs

The action took place in Formula 1 sparked a heated debate about the point of the team order ban. Record world champion Michael Schumacher clearly spoke out in favor of releasing internal team instructions. During his time at Ferrari, the seven-time champion benefited from a team order several times. Because the Scuderia 2002 in Austria slowed down his then team mate Rubens Barrichello again and again, the FIA ​​prohibited team orders after the end of the season the Hockenheim incident formaintaining the ban. In large parts of the paddock, however, a Solomonic solution is apparently preferred: The team order ban will be abolished, but all teams tacitly undertake to use such instructions to their drivers as rarely as possible.

First important judgment under FIA- President Jean Todt

The verdict was also considered the first major test for FIA boss Jean Todt. As Ferrari team boss, the Frenchman had once led the racing team through its most successful era with Schumacher. In 2001 he gave Barrichello in Austria the command: 'Let Michael pass for the Championship.' Because of the conflict of interest, Todt left his deputy Graham Stoker to lead the special session of the World Council.

Todt's predecessor Max Mosley had previously called for a severe sentence for Ferrari. Todt, however, has been anxious to find a balance since he took office and has clearly deviated from Mosley's confrontational course.


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