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Ferrari SF71H for the 2018 F1 season: information and pictures

Ferrari SF71H for the 2018 F1 season
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E It's time for Ferrari again. With every year without a world title, the pressure in Maranello increases. Group boss Sergio Marchionne wants to see the world championship trophies in the showcase. The five wins and the five pole positions in 2017 are not enough for him. The Tifosi too. With 16 titles for the designers and 15 for the drivers, Ferrari is the most successful racing team in Formula 1. The glorious past obliges to heroic deeds in the present. Ferrari is the only team that has been at the start since 1950. And also the most popular in the world.

Kilometers must be increased to get through the season without penalty. In addition to performance and stability, the engine's efficiency was also part of the specifications. That means: a higher maximum performance over one lap. More power over a longer distance and at the same time less fuel consumption.

Vettel has already eyed the competing products. “We concentrate on ourselves. But of course you also look at the presentations of the other teams and ask the designers for their opinion. The other cars are still difficult to judge. The quality of the pictures and the angle of the recordings play a big role. With our car, I can just walk around the outside and look at everything. I will make an initial judgment on the tests. You see the others on the track, follow them and overtake them. The driving behavior can be assessed there, how a car is lying. So far I can say that I haven't seen anything from the competition that makes me uneasy. ”


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