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Ferrari SF71H espionage photos: Detailed pictures of the Vettel racer

Ferrari SF71H espionage photos
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W while the Red Bulls recently regularly had defects in the run-off zones parked, the Ferrari rarely fell by the wayside this year. As the only driver in the field, Sebastian Vettel managed to complete all the racing laps before his home game in the Motodrom. The red goddesses from Maranello are technically as bulletproof as in the best of Schumi times.

But in Hockenheim, the spy photographers of the competition finally had the opportunity to photograph the damaged SF71H in detail. Vettel had involuntarily parked his company car on lap 51 in the gravel bed of the Sachs curve. That was the moment many F1 paparazzi had been waiting for for a long time.

Focus on Ferrari underbody

Front and back - the Ferrari was photographed in all details.

In contrast to test drives, the mechanics cannot cover a parked car with a tarpaulin while the race is running. And of course the marshals see no reason to keep the curious hunters away from their prey during the hasty recovery.

And so, once again, fascinating images were created that one would have preferred to avoid in Maranello. Above all, the engineers of the competition are sure to take a close look at the photos of the baffles under the front section and the filigree vertical and horizontal elements around the front section of the side boxes.

Photographers on the spot

Even the pictures of the diffuser, which the Ferrari mechanics on the grid had stubbornly defended with a human privacy screen, hardly leave any secrets open. There was no wing in front of the expensive high-tech lenses used by professional clippersand no Finn for sure.

We also got the tricky photos. After all, a Formula 1 car from below is always a fascinating sight that we do not want to withhold from you. These pictures make the engineering and design madness particularly clear.

And please do not believe that this is the first time your competition sees this image material on our website. All teams have hired their own espionage photographers, who have submitted their hunting success to the design departments just a few hours after the race. We are curious to see when the first copies will appear.


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