Ferrari puts pressure on Mercedes in Monza

Ferrari puts Mercedes under pressure
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F errari has been constantly improving from the first practice session to qualifying Mercedes stolen. On Friday morning, the Italians were more than 1.5 seconds short of Formula 1 Croesus. In the second session they separated by over seven tenths.

Ferrari improves on Saturday

On Saturday Ferrari caught up and reduced the gap to under three tenths. In qualifying, the gap between pole man Lewis Hamilton and his first rival Kimi Raikkonen was only 0.234 seconds. Sebastian Vettel landed directly behind in front of Nico Rosberg in the second Silver Arrow.

In the past it was the other way around and Mercedes outpaced the red racers on Saturday. Because you left more power reserves in practice and only played all your trumps in qualifying. Not this time. Ferrari seems to have made a leap forward with its new engine, for which three development tokens have been redeemed. 'It's a bit of a surprise that we're so strong,' said Raikkonen, who didn't even make it into the top three in practice. 'We made small improvements compared to yesterday.' Then the iceman classifies the first day of training. 'On Friday, however, it's not about lap times. Everyone does what they want. That is why there is no meaningfulness.'

First Raikkonen -Win since Australia 2013?

Raikkonen starts in Monza for the first time since China 2013 from the front row. Under the eyes of Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne, he achieved his third qualifying win this season against Vettel. 'It is good to start from the front row. The first chicane is very tight. You are almost in midfield with your car. Hopefully we will have a normal start and at least stay where we are.'

Is the first victory since Australia 2013 possible? 'Who knows,' says the Finn. 'We'll do our best and try to at least keep our positions. But the goal remains to win.'

Although Ferrari has shortened the gap, Hamilton has so far been in excellent shape. 'You can dream,' says Vettel when asked about his chances of winning. 'There is always a chance for a surprise. We already had a few this year.'

The four-time world champion sees one of the keys to the strong Ferrari performance in the one madeExperience from Belgium. 'We learned a lot at Spa. The track is similar to Monza in terms of downforce. We weren't entirely happy with the balance at Spa, but we found the right one here.'


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