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Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo does the math: Who will get the LaFerrari dream car?

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F errari's pride and joy is called' LaFerrari '. The best and most expensive street car Maranello has ever built. The 963 hp bullet costs one million euros plus taxes. Only 499 customers get the Super Ferrari, handpicked by President Luca di Montezemolo. Why are we telling this here? 498 have already been sold. One is still waiting for his buyer. If Fernando Alonso or Kimi Räikkönen win the Formula World Championship in 2014, then they have qualified for the purchase of the company icon. The customers who have already accepted had to have bought at least five Ferraris in their life so far.

'I am I'm tired of always finishing second '

In bad times, Luca di Montezemolo has no choice but to rummage through history. Since he headed Ferrari, the red cars have contested 378 Grand Prix, 118 of them won and six drivers 'and eight constructors' titles. But the last world championship dates from 2007. Since then, Ferrari has usually only been second winner. 'Fernando finished second three times in four years, two times only defeated in the last race,' said Ferrari's Capo bitterly. 'I'm tired of only finishing second.'

Return to 2012 tires hurt Ferrari

Montezemolo cites three reasons why it didn't work out in 2013 either: 'Our car didn't develop any further in the second half of the season. The return to 2012 tires hurt us. And Felipe Massa scored too few points. That's why we are we only finished third in the brand evaluation. ' They split up without resentment: 'Felipe had eight years with us. He needs a change of air and so do we.'

Kimi should bring the points that Massa left behind

Fernando Alonso should now fix it in 2014. Or Kimi Raikkonen. The president was convinced by his team boss Stefano Domenicali that Kimi is the right partner at Alonso's side. 'We had the choice between young and fast or experienced and fast. The 2014 season will be extremely difficult with new cars and new rules. We need someone who has the routine to understand the races. Domenicali has assured me that Kimi is extreme is motivated and focused. We all knowhow it blooms in the race. It is a guarantee of World Cup points and it is able to take points away from Alonso's opponents. We don't want Fernando to always be on his own. '

No problems with Alonso against Raikkonen

Can you hear from these words that Alonso is secretly number one in the team? Montezemolo declines: 'Both drivers know our rules of the game. Nobody drives for themselves with us. The focus is always on Ferrari. Many people ask me if I see a risk in the pairing Alonso /Raikkonen. I tell you something. I started in motorsport at a time when there were still real risks and racing drivers died. On the other hand, what we have is nothing. We had Lauda and Regazzoni under control, as well as Berger and Alesi. So I don't expect any problems. '

Everything will be better in 2014

So the big goal became postponed again to next year. Montezemolo explains why Ferrari is doing better: 'It's a start from scratch. With an interesting technology. In the next year, not only will aerodynamics play a role, but also the engine and the drive train. These are Ferrari's territories. Our wind tunnel is now up to date. And we have also upgraded the simulator significantly. In addition, we have a driver pairing that is the ideal line-up for the big challenges. '


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