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Ferrari overtakes Williams: & # 34; Malaysia should suit us better & # 34;

Ferrari overtakes Williams
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W illiams was the surprise team of the 2014 Formula 1 season expectations increased significantly. A missed podium place by Felipe Massa is meanwhile a disappointment. The engineers were also unsatisfied with the distance to Mercedes. Although you are okay with your own work during the winter break.

Ferrari faster, especially thanks to the new engine

'We achieved the goals that we set ourselves. And that was pretty aggressive values, 'analyzes chief engineer Rob Smedley. 'If you consider that Ferrari has made a big step forward, especially with the power unit, then we can actually be quite satisfied with our car.'

In the Melbourne race, Massa was involved in the duel Vettel only a few chances, although he started before the German. 'It was very tight. But when both cars were on the same tires, you could see that they were definitely a bit faster than us. And that affects the whole package - the chassis and the power unit. So we still have some work to do in front of us, 'reported Smedley.

Williams tried to keep Vettel behind by an early stop. But the aggressive tactic didn't work. Vettel was faster than expected. Massa got stuck in traffic. It didn't help that the Williams pit stop was a few tenths faster.

Williams in Malaysia better than Ferrari?

Smedley expects a tough fight in the next races as well. The former Ferrari technician could not say what the picture will look like in Malaysia: 'We have to collect more data on different types of racetracks. If you look at the characteristics of our car, the track in Malaysia should suit us a little better But I cannot say whether we will be stronger than Ferrari either. '

The engineer looks at the silver competition with great respect. No trace of envy. 'I've worked for a team myself that has dominated. And now they dominate. It's the result of hard work. You did everything right. We just have to take our hats off.'

On our own Smedley knows from experience that no team has dominated Formula 1 forever. 'The pendulum swings around again and again in Formula 1. The pursuers will catch up at some point. The teams at the top often lose their staffor restructuring. New regulations can also provide variety. We as Williams shouldn't wait for them to screw it up, we should just try to work better as a team. '

Mercedes- Dominance without a technical trick

Why the Mercedes AMG W06 is currently so superior, Williams currently has no concrete explanation. 'If we knew, we would do the same. There is no such thing as one magic trick. They don't have a special technology feature that makes their car 1.4 seconds faster than everyone else. They simply convince through excellent work in all areas. They are the benchmark. '

The traditional team from Grove does not want to hide from the overpowering opponent. The goals are ambitious:' We have to believe as a team that we can develop just as quickly as everyone else. We already proved that last season, 'says the Englishman confidently.

' The team's mentality has changed over the past 12 months. The wind tunnel department is doing a fantastic job. We gained a lot of performance as a result. The mechanics department also did a good job. The car is safe, reliable and well balanced again, 'Smedley praises his crew.

Smedley wants to win the title with Williams

The 41-year-old doesn't want to put up with it, just for rank 2: 'I have a firm belief that this team can win world championships. We know we're not there yet. We are on a long way. You just have to look at what the team looked like 12 months ago. The picture has changed completely. I didn't come to Williams to just fill the grid here. We're all real racers here at Williams. '

Last year's ascent was rapid. However, Smedley doesn't expect it to continue at this pace:' We have already made a lot of progress. Now it's down to the little details. We have all picked the fruits that hang far down on the tree. Now we have to stretch a little more to get to the next fruits higher up. But we're not just going to stop now. I will continue to annoy the guys in my departments with paying attention to every detail. Without this attitude you will never win races and titles. '


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