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Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes GP & amp; Red Bull: Which top team will be the first to crash?

Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes GP & Red Bull
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A trite saying in Formula 1 is: The first opponent always drives in the same car. There is no excuse if the teammate travels faster with identical material. The eight drivers in the four top teams Ferrari , McLaren , Mercedes GP and R ed Bull are used to being number one on their teams. But since one always has to lose out, it is very likely that there will be trouble in 2010.

It doesn't have to turn out like the duel between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in 1989. The two McLaren -Pilots drove into each other's cars in the battle for the title at the season finale. But the World Cup favorites of the coming season have already shown several times that they have a hard time accepting competition from within the team.

With Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso drives a fiery Latino duo for Ferrari. The paths of the two have already crossed once. At the 2007 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Alonso pushed past Massa's Ferrari in his McLaren. The Brazilian held against it and touched the silver arrow with his hoop. Although Alonso won the race, he subsequently criticized the competitor's aggressive driving style. With wild gestures, the two-time world champion in Parc Fermé pointed to the clearly visible tire print on the side pod.

Loser Massa did not like the winner's criticism. On the way to the podium, the fighters threw each other wild swear words (in Italian). Meanwhile, the matter has been resolved, both emphasized recently. 'Fernando apologized to me. That settles the matter,' said Massa. The man from Sao Paulo is considered to be a sociable team-mate, but that cannot be said of Alonso. The open argument with Lewis Hamilton in 2007 at McLaren is still fondly remembered by many. Since his introduction to Ferrari, the Iberian has therefore tried particularly to demonstrate his ability to work in a team.

Conclusion: ShouldAlonso, as many experts suspect, has his teammates under control, it will remain calm. If both are fighting each other for the title, the team management has to take action quickly and consistently.

There is also explosive at McLaren-Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton has never lost the duel against his own teammate. And Jenson Button, as the reigning world champion, will hardly be able to make friends with the number two. In addition, both Britons are fighting for the favor of the British fans. The charismatic button, who has already suffered a few lows in his long career, received particular sympathy last year. Hamilton's career was always uphill until the last season. He's not that popular.

It will also be interesting to see how the team behaves. So far, McLaren is clearly Hamilton's team. Even before his Formula 1 career, the talented youngster was promoted by Ron Dennis. He won the title in 2008 and together with his father Anthony forms a permanent household power. Even Fernando Alonso, who also joined McLaren in 2007 as world champion, found that Hamilton is not an easy team-mate. The then 22-year-old Englishman quickly learned how to use all means to defend yourself against internal team competition.

Conclusion: At McLaren there is fire under the roof. Even before the vehicle was presented, the two competitors preferred to avoid each other. As mentioned, it would not be the first internal team conflict at McLaren.

Mercedes GP:
Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg were used to it so far, with a clear number one status to drive. At Ferrari everything revolved around the record champion before Schumi's departure. Stable management in favor of the German annoyed competition and fans more than once. Rosberg is still young at the age of 24 and only knows the feeling of a strong teammate from his first Williams year with Mark Webber. Successor Kazuki Nakajima always had Rosberg under control.

Mercedes sports director Norbert Haug repeatedly emphasizes that, despite the big names, none of his drivers are given any advantage. The Swabian also rejects stable management. After Schumacher's long break, there is no telling who will lose the duel. Should Rosberg lose out, he must be accused of making a 41-year-old look old. If Schumacher loses, it could scratch his brilliant career.

Conclusion: The German pilot duo is not quite as explosive as McLaren and Ferrari. Rosberg's respect for the record world champion is great. In addition, team boss Ross Brawn is an oasis of calm in the team who can use his experience and authority to keep things tidy.

Red Bull:
Red Bull already knows the situation from last year.As the only one of the four top teams, the driver staff was not replaced. Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber respect each other. However, neither of the two is satisfied with the number 2 status. 'He's the strongest team-mate of my career,' said Webber after half a year at the German's side. The two bulls were tied until the Hungarian Grand Prix, then Webber lost his luck and Vettel had to go in pursuit of Buttons.

The young Heppenheimer's great ambition could most likely create potential for conflict. If he sees a chance for the title but doesn't want the team like him, the 22-year-old can get downright grumpy. Webber, who is eleven years older than him, is much more relaxed about it, even if he wants to tackle the title after his first GP victories.

Conclusion: As long as Webber and Vettel don't ram each other off the slopes, there are probably no major problems between the two. But if the team gets in their own way with small mistakes, as in the previous season, the mood can quickly change.

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