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Ferrari Formula 1 Concept: This is how Ferrari sees the future of F1

Ferrari Formula 1 Concept
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D he Formula 1 is in crisis. Dwindling audience numbers have alarmed those responsible. In the past few months, the teams in particular have made various suggestions on how to get young fans in particular more enthusiastic about the premier class. In addition to more powerful engines, the look of the cars was the focus of the discussions. The optics should become more aggressive and modern, so the basic approach.

Ferrari shows aggressive Formula 1 concept

Ferrari was the first racing team to put the theory into practice. With graphics from a virtual concept car, the design department in Maranello wants to test the fans to see how well their ideas for a Formula 1 car of the future will be accepted. 'We wanted to create something that shows the latest technology, but also looks good,' commented the Italians on their design.

The Ferrari F1 concept supposedly does not require any major reform in terms of regulations. Even small changes would create a look that is very different from what we are used to, according to the designers. As requested by Bernie Ecclestone, the car is futuristic and aggressive. Not much is reminiscent of current Formula 1 racers.

It starts at the front. Instead of a wing divided into flaps and fins, the Ferrari F1 Concept shows a relatively simple double wing that is bent upwards on the outside. Although the wheels are open, the high and wide front section is somewhat reminiscent of a Le Mans prototype.

Ferrari F1 study with Sports car elements

The flank also shows elements of a sports car. The side pods are no longer open to the outside. Instead, the cockpit is enclosed with a panel that is pulled far forward. The rear wheels are also covered. Similar to the cars of the IndyCar series, the rear grows in width, which ensures a beefy look.

The rear wing is attached to the outside of the 'fenders' and is significantly flatter than the current Formula 1 -Cars. The diffuser at the rear is pulled far up. Instead of small balloon wheels, as was previously the case, the Ferrari F1 Concept stands on large rims with low-profile tires. Here, too, Ferrari creates parallels to a road sports car.

Fans are invited to share their thoughts on the Ferrari websiteSubmit F1 study. We also want to ask you for comments. How do you like the concept? What is good? What is bad? Is such a radical step necessary?


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