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Ferrari engine for Toro Rosso ?: & # 34; Is only a holistic solution & # 34;

Ferrari engine for Toro Rosso?
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E Actually Red Bull is in with a black eye Sochi got away. 5th place for Daniil Kvyat is more than one might expect. 'Qualification is killing us on these tracks. You can no longer get on the podium from positions 10 and 11 on the grid. Unfortunately, not only Mercedes has a qualifying mode, but Ferrari too,' groaned team advisor Helmut Marko.

Team-mate Daniel Ricciardo would actually have landed on the Kvyat pitch, who, thanks to his early tire change, was washed forward like Sergio Perez. 'Our tire poker would have worked. We were still fast until the failure despite the old tires,' Ricciardo said. The Australian had to park his Red Bull early. 'At the exit of turn four the car felt very soft in the back left. Something on the suspension was broken. Funny, because I had no contact anywhere.'

Sochi was not one of the tracks that Red Bull favored. There are too many straights. This is where engine power counts and, in the race, consumption also counts. Eight laps behind the safety car made the task easier.

No engine in sight for Red Bull yet

On race day in Sochi, the engine issue at Red Bull was still not resolved. 'No news is maybe good news', grinned team boss Christian Horner with gallows humor. There is also the hope that in the end common sense will prevail. Bernie Ecclestone will once again put pressure on the board of directors to save Formula 1 from the greatest embarrassment in its history.

The rumors that Red Bull will team up with Renault again and that Toro Rosso will close with Ferrari this week Marko didn't want to comment exactly. Should Ferrari suddenly be able to supply Toro Rosso as the fourth team with 2015 engines, then Maranello could no longer hide behind capacity problems.

Then it would be clear that Red Bull is not wanted because you want to prevent internal competition. 'The reasons why nobody wants to give us engines are obvious. We are just too strong,' regrets Marko.

Toro Rosso will not go it alone

Toro Rosso will go it alone According to the strong man at Red Bull, it doesn't exist. 'I'm not familiar with Mr. Tost's ideas. What is clear is that there is only one holistic solution for Red Bull andToro Rosso can give. '

Marko does not want to give a percentage for the probability that Red Bull will get engines after all.' We were already close a couple of times and then nothing happened. ' And what does he say about Bernie Ecclestone's statements that there will be 22 cars on the grid next year? 'Bernie's word in God's ear.'


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