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Ferrari contract for 2013: Massa decision to go to Korea

Ferrari contract for 2013
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B e Ferrari was in a low mood. It's always like that when Fernando Alonso has a bad race. The Japanese GP of the world championship leader lasted exactly 371 meters. In the turmoil at the start, Kimi Raikkonen had slashed his left rear tire. It couldn't have been worse looking towards the World Cup. Alonso zero points, Vettel 25. The comfortable World Championship lead shrank from 29 to four points.

The superior performance of the Red Bull confirmed Alonso in his worst fears that the next world champion could be Sebastian Vettel again. For the first time this season, the Spaniard showed nerves. He did not appear at the Ferrari press round. And for the first time he criticized the slow development of the car. 'Be forgiven him', said racing director Stefano Domenicali. 'In the first frustration one says something careless.'

Massa only plays the supporting role

Alonso determines the mood in the team. If he's unlucky, Ferrari will first mourn his misfortune. For the feeling of joy that Felipe Massa celebrated a podium place for the first time in two years and showed his best performance of the season, there is not much room in the hearts of the Reds.

Massa was also beaming so. He doesn't need the moral support from his team because he knows exactly what the team is doing. Alonso is the boss, he is the stable boy. It has been like that since 2010. And it will probably stay that way for another season.

New Massa contract to Korea

Felipe Massa has his ticket with his second place solved for the cockpit next to Alonso. The decision will only be made after the Korean GP, ​​but now the 31-year-old Brazilian has created the facts. If the car works, he can beat the McLaren and the Lotus. Vettel would have been out of reach for Alonso too.

Massa knows where he still needs to improve: 'My weakness is qualification. Too often I make the race difficult for myself because of bad starting positions.' Also in Suzuka. Massa started the race from eleventh place. 'It was the only lap on the weekend where we had no grip. We still don't know why.'

Massa had the best chances even before the Japanese GP. Even if Paul di Resta and Nico Hülkenberg are still under observation. A voice from the Ferrari camp: 'We don't see any of the boys who are really goodimposes, not one of whom we could say: we have to have it. '

Massa better than Alonso after the break

It is significant that Ferrari Sergio Perez to McLaren let go, although you know the data of the Mexican exactly and can compare them with Massa. Massa remains cautious: 'I hope it's enough. But let's be honest: What should I do better? 'The eleven-time GP winner has collected 44 points since the summer break. 14 more than his team captain.

His competitors in the fight for the second Ferrari seat traveled with them mixed feelings from Suzuka. Paul di Resta disappeared in midfield. The hero of Singapore couldn't shine. Nico Hulkenberg only had one slip in training. In the race he showed a similarly strong performance as di Resta in Singapore. The duel with Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen deserved more than seventh place.

Hulkenberg to Sauber, Buemi to Force India?

Hulkenberg doesn't want to read any more conclusions about his chances from race results. ' you don't give much. That changes every weekend, depending on which of us has the better race at the moment. 'Last water level: The Force India driver will probably drive with Sauber in 2013 and Paul di Resta will stay with Force India. Possibly with Sebastien Buemi as a team-mate.

Not much could be read from Domenicali's words: 'It's nice to see Felipe back on the podium after a long time, a much too long time. Second place is a very important result at a crucial moment for him. Did it secure him the spot for next year? Let's not do the second step before the first. 'If Massa stays, Alonso will at least bring a sense of achievement from Asia. His favorite for the water carrier role has always been Felipe Massa.


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