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Ferrari closer to the top: has Ferrari caught up?

Ferrari closer to the top
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F ernando Alonso loves number games. The Spaniard started from tenth place at the British GP and eighth at the Nürburgring. Seen in this way, Alonso has reached the normal level again with fifth place on the grid, which seemed to have been lost in the last two races.

The second in the World Championship was also satisfied with the lap time. 'We are three tenths off Vettel. That was much more recently. And the Hungaroring is not one of our favorite tracks. We have had a hard time there in recent years. That is why we drove here with great worries. Slow corners and traction are more important our weaknesses. ' Colleague Felipe Massa suspects: 'We're just missing downforce on Red Bull and Mercedes. That shows in the second sector.' Shortened a second

Alonso tries to see the training result of the GP Hungary as positive, like his boss. 'We have improved and are back where we were before. Now we have to succeed in putting a winning car on the wheels after the summer break. The fact is that Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus still have a faster car than us . '

Race director Stefano Domenicali emphasizes:' We have reduced the gap from over one second to three tenths. ' He attributes it mainly to better vehicle set-up and the sorting out of undesirable developments. Apparently, the Toyota wind tunnel again provided unreliable data recently. However, Massa warns: 'Three tenths sounds like little, but the lap on the Hungaroring is also pretty short.'

Chance against Vettel in the first corner

Although the Red Bull on Friday were in a class of their own in the endurance runs, Alonso believes he has a chance. The weather forecast speaks of the hottest race of the year. A few degrees more on the asphalt and the picture from Friday could be wasted. 'From fifth place I have a chance to beat Vettel. Either at the start or with the better strategy. My first chance is in the first corner.'


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