Ferrari can't be crushed
Ferrari in world championship fight
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E is not always the only thing in motorsport Strength on the track. Psychology can also be crucial at times. In this regard, Ferrari is just showing its strength. Nobody in the team thinks of giving up for a second. Both Alonso and team boss Stefano Domenicali preach again and again, like from the prayer book, that nothing is lost.

No grip in corners

Alonso took second place Damage control operated. More was not possible for Ferrari. In the beginning Alonso sniffed both Mclaren, later Mark Webber was easy prey with a Kers problem. Alonso got better momentum on the hard tires in the second half of the race than on the soft ones. Usually the soft tires are faster. A phenomenon from which Ferrari will learn its lessons for the future if there are several pit stops.

'The race is still long,' says Alonso, who is now 13 points behind with three races to go on Vettel has. 'We saw that Mark's Kers broke today, but it could also hit Sebastian or me. We don't want to be happy here, but in Brazil. We're fast on the straights, but we still lack grip in the corners. '

Alonso asks for more updates

To keep up with Red Bull, Alonso asks for more updates. 'We have to bring new parts to Abu Dhabi and get better on Saturday, hopefully on Sunday too. We have to take a step forward, at the moment we are not able to win.'

But how do you just turn the tables within a week? Only updates that have been in preparation for a long time can be used. Not much happens in a week. What does Domenicali say about the demands of his star pilot? 'If you say something, there is a chance you can do it,' he says. 'Without going into technical details, it is obvious that we are trying to improve on all levels. This applies not only to Abu Dhabi, but also for the rest of the season.'

Domenicali motivates the team

You could almost think that Domenicali had attended a motivational seminar. But the new parts on the car also give reason for hope, after all, the Italians have caught up with Red Bull. 'Red Bull clearly has the better car, but that's no reason to cry,' said Domenicali. 'If we say they are faster, we won't change anythingAttitude with us. In 1982 our team was not the best in the World Cup, but we won the title. 'At least at the end of the season, Ferrari can't blame itself for not having tried.


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