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Ferrari boss Montezemolo: Red Bull not world champions

Ferrari boss Montezemolo
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I m glittering snow from Madonna the Campiglio, the world is still in Order. Up here, far away from the gray everyday life of Formula 1, Ferrari celebrates itself and the start of a new championship once a year. But the shadow of the botched World Cup title still covers the good mood in the stable with the jumping horse.

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has not yet completely overcome the defeat in Abu Dhabi . 'I wake up at night and think about the race,' admits the 63-year-old two months after the dramatic season finale. Montezemolo doesn't seem to believe that Sebastian Vettel is the best driver who has won the title. 'I don't want to say who the best driver is. But I know who it is,' grinned the president, not very mysteriously.

Red Bull a bad winner?

Also Vettel's team Red Bull got a full broadside missed. 'I see people who have won world titles, but who don't know how to behave as a world champion,' moaned Montezemolo. Most recently, Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko accused Scuderia of wanting to steal the Red Bull team spirit after the Italians poached strategist Neil Martin.

'If you have achieved ten percent of what we have won, then we answer,' countered the Ferrari boss. The commitment is a necessity, explained Montezemolo. 'We need certain people. It makes me happy when we get people from outside the country. That brings fresh air and a new culture.'

Montezemolo against budget restrictions

The rumor too that Red Bull 2010 could have exceeded the budget limits, commented the Ferrari boss. Ex-FIA President Max Mosley had expressed a suspicion to auto motor und sport a few days ago. In addition, Mosley once again asked for a fixed budget limit. 'I don't know if that's true (that Red Bull spent too much),' said Montezeolo. 'I'm also in favor of getting the costs under control. But not with a budget cap that is impossible to monitor.'

The new round in the duel between Ferrari and Red Bull is two months before Formula 1 season opens in Bahrain. 'I am delighted to see a Formula 1 in which there are still arguments,' joked Montezemolo in conclusion.


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