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Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri: No decision on Raikkonen yet

Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri
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L ouis Camilleri, since the death of Sergio Marchionne, new Ferrari chief, sits comfortably on a bar stool in the Ferrari hospitality. Blue jeans, white shirt, casual bag. It seems to be his uniform, because he has worn a similar outfit on all of his Formula 1 visits so far. The striking black glasses make him look modern and well-read at the same time. And when he speaks, he always wears that sly smile. The new man at the helm of Ferrari gives you the feeling of having an espresso with every single journalist at the small bar in Ferrari Castle.

No time window for the Raikkonen decision

But as is so often the case with managers in these spheres, one does not know what is appearance or what is being. Psychology is certainly one of the disciplines that you have to master extremely well in this job. He always gives calm and calm answers to journalists' many questions about Kimi Räikkönen's future. “We haven't made a decision yet and there is no time window for it,” says Camilleri. As calm as his answer may be, he also speaks softly.

But who decides the fate of the Finn? Camilleri says: “We make the decision as a team. I'll talk to Maurizio, he'll have the last word. ' Räikkönen himself says in his direct way: 'I enjoy racing, not the rest.' He himself has absolutely no doubts about his achievements, even if at 38 he is one of the older candidates. “I don't think I drive any differently than I did 10 years ago. I think I'm driving pretty well and that's enough for me. I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel like I'm driving as well as I should. This is my tool to decide when it is enough. ”

Camilleri friend of Kimi?

You don't have to be a prophet that such decisions are not solely based on performance Track play a role, but also sympathies. So how well does Camilleri know the Iceman? “He's a friend,” he says again with such a smile on his face that you do it for him. But one misses the standard phrases that are otherwise often so hated by journalists, such as fixing contract details, we agree, and so on. And Raikkonen's answer to the question about his future also gives reason to think: “Anything can happen here, I've learned that in the past.”

Camilleriis in fact no stranger to Ferrari. He used to be the head of the tobacco company Philip Morris, which is of course closely linked to the traditional racing team through the Marlboro brand. It is also Arrivabenes' previous employer. He was not infrequently a guest in the paddock, so he should have a lot of insight into the structures of Ferrari. However, he apparently takes a different path than his predecessor Sergio Marchionne, who showed a hard hand and often threatened Ferrari's exit from Formula 1. “We have a different style, but the same objectives,” he says.


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