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Ferrari attacks Mercedes: & # 34; Vettel is strong, Kimi is sensitive & # 34;

Ferrari attacks Mercedes
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B e Ferrari, the world is still in order. In the third race, Sebastian Vettel took home the third podium place. Team boss Maurizio Arrivabene didn't want to hear of any disappointment about the missed victory: 'We were just as good as we expected. We knew that Mercedes are strong here. They deserved to win. We were close enough to benefit from mistakes . But they didn't do any. '

Räikkönen comeback particularly pleased team boss

The new Ferrari boss was particularly pleased that Kimi Räikkönen was able to perform well in the race. The way he prevailed against the Williams in the first corners was reminiscent of old Kimi, whom we had not yet seen in qualifying this year. Arrivabene admitted that Raikkonen needed a special training program after the race in Malaysia.

'We talked tough. Kimi likes it that way. He's not a bullshit guy. Our drivers are very different types . Sebastian is a strong character. Kimi is called 'the Iceman'. But basically he is sensitive. He needs the feeling of being supported by the whole team. Then he can perform well. '

Raikkonen was able to keep up with Vettel's pace at all times during the race. But he was not entirely satisfied with fourth place. 'We're not quite at the level of Mercedes yet. They were faster, especially with the harder tires. We didn't get them up to temperature so well. We have to be satisfied now after last year. But of course we also want to be regular Fight at the top and win. '

Ferrari plans to take power

The Finn has confidence in his team. He expects to be able to catch up with Mercedes this year. 'I don't see any reason why we shouldn't succeed. We have a good development plan. We have made good progress in the past few months. Now it depends on what the others bring. Sebastian has shown that we can already win , if everything doesn't work out at Mercedes. We have to be patient and be there in these situations. '

Team-mate Vettel also believes that Ferrari is ready for the next step. 'It wasn't that far today. We tried everything. 3rd place was the maximum. But our pace was closer than expected. If we continue like this and get closer and closer, we'll get there at some pointthe point where we can put the guys under real pressure. I'm already looking forward to it. '

Arrivabene tried not to let expectations skyrocket:' Unfortunately I don't have a crystal ball. So I can't say when we'll catch up with Mercedes. I know what we're up to, but I don't know what they're up to. We will of course not stop with further development. We have to take it step by step. Later in the season we will see. '


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