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Fernando Alonso: Valencia is not the last Ferrari chance

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso
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F ernando Alonso let the result in Montreal drop again . After the Istanbul debacle, there was a big increase with third place. 'After a few days, the disappointment of the missed victory gave way to the realization that we actually achieved a great result,' was the Spaniard's conclusion. 'We have to see it positively. On the Thursday before the race we would have been very happy with the thought of a podium result.'

According to Alonso, the poor pace in Istanbul was just a slip-up. 'Our normal form was seen on the tracks where we fought for the podium, such as in Montreal, Monaco, Melbourne and Bahrain. Unfortunately, our potential was not always reflected in the results, but that applies to all of the top -Teams. '

Alonso:' All teams drop points '

Shortly before the half-time of the season, Alonso is not dissatisfied, although the points account could be better filled. 'A lot of things happened in the eight races - mistakes, defects, bad luck - but we're still big in the championship race. The same can be said for McLaren and Red Bull, who also dropped points.'

At the Canadian GP, ​​the Ferrari /Alonso combination had the speed to win. But in the end, Lewis Hamilton was at the top of the podium in the Montreal crime novel. 'The spectators at the track and on the TV sets certainly really enjoyed the race in Montreal,' says Alonso, looking back. 'But I can assure you that it was a very exhausting weekend for the drivers and teams. You never knew how the tires would behave under the different conditions.'

Valencia is not yet a fateful race for Ferrari

Now Alonso's home race in Valencia is on the agenda. Ferrari has already announced a major attack. 'I want to get back on the podium, especially because I've never managed that in Valencia. We have planned a major update for the F10, which will hopefully improve our performance.'

The GP Europe is far from being a fateful race. Ferrari will not give up the World Cup, even if the new expansion stage does not ignite as planned. 'Further updates are planned for England and Germany. The European GP is simply just the ninth round of the World Championship for Ferrari and not the very last riot for Ferrari, as some have already claimed,' emphasizesAlonso.

'I've said it before and I'll say it again now: The Formula 1 World Championship is an event in several steps and the last stage will not come until November in Abu Dhabi. Things can change pretty quickly. People seem to have forgotten that Kimi (Räikkönen) scored the most points in the middle of last year, and that with a car that was no longer developed. '


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