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Fernando Alonso: There won't be any answers until qualifying

Fernando Alonso
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N after the two training sessions on Friday (May 11th) there was a great rush in the Ferrari motorhome. Everyone wanted to know whether the revised car had made the hoped-for step forward or whether positions eleven and 14 in the day's standings were already cause for concern. But Fernando Alonso didn't want to commit himself yet.

'We won't get the answers until tomorrow. Today is still too early. Friday is impossible to analyze', the two-time champion put off the journalists. The fact that the question marks in the red camp did not decrease was also due to the extraordinary conditions on the Circuit de Catalunya, which did not allow a comparison with the data from the winter tests.

Conditions obscure progress

The pilot blamed on external influences that he didn't have a good feeling in the car. 'Nobody had a good feeling on the track today,' said the local hero. 'The conditions were very tough. On the straights we had a headwind, in the curvy part the wind came from behind. The asphalt was 30 degrees hotter than in the winter tests. The track was two to three seconds slower as a result.'

Alonso wants to get into Q3 without any problems

Alonso has a clear goal for Saturday. He wants to be on one of the first five rows. The third qualifying round is the goal. 'For us it depends on how difficult it will be to make it into the top ten in qualifying. We had problems recently. We saw some positive signs today. If we make it into Q3 easily, then we can relax a bit. If we have difficulties again or if we miss Q3 completely, nothing has changed in our situation. '

According to his own statement, the Spaniard is still confident that the targeted step forward will occur. There is only one point that worries the Asturian. The soft tires just don't want to harmonize with the Ferrari. 'We weren't able to improve as much as some of the other cars. The difference was partly between oneand a second and a half ', analyzed the driver.

The tires weren't the only reason why Alonso only finished 14th in the day's standings.' I had traffic on the first fast lap. I then let the tires cool down, but on the third lap someone got in the way again. With a clean lap I can certainly improve tomorrow. I hope we see a similar advantage with soft tires as with the other cars. But at the moment it seems that the hard tire suits us better. '


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