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Fernando Alonso: On the hunt for the Abu Dhabi Cup

Fernando Alonso
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F ernando Alonso was in a tidy mood. Abu Dhabi is an unfortunate place for the world champions of 2005 and 2006. Here the Spaniard lost a world championship title to Sebastian Vettel a year ago, which he believed was safe. Alonso doesn't even want to burden himself with sad thoughts. 'I looked out of the hotel room this morning and thought: What a wonderful place to go for a race.'

Alonso has long since ticked off the black hour on Yas Island. 'We didn't lose the World Championship here last year, but at Silverstone and Valencia. We had a car that was good enough for the podium and went home with zero points. In Abu Dhabi we lacked the speed. The car was no better than fifth place. '

Alonso can even laugh today at the fact that he looked up the exhaust pipe of Vitaly Petrov's Renault for half the race. 'Now the DRS rear wing has to prove itself. If it should really have brought something for the show, then it has to prove here that overtaking is possible.' Especially since there will be two DRS zones on Sunday.

Abu Dhabi as a technology test for Ferrari

The penultimate Grand Prix of the year is another test for Ferrari. The team is firmly concreted in third place in the constructors' cup. The third experiment with the new front wing is taking place in Abu Dhabi. 'It's less about trying out how the wing works,' says Alonso. 'Rather, we want to find out whether we can trust the wind tunnel data. It would be a nice feeling for the winter if we knew that the wind tunnel provides correct data.'

For the 27-time GP winner, it works on paper still for second place in the World Cup. His opponent is called Jenson Button, and he has 13 points more on the account. 'Ferrari would like me to finish second, so I will try to fulfill their hopes. For me personally, it is not important whether I finish second or third. I'm just racing for the title. Everything else is just cosmetics.' br>

Alonso wants an Abu Dhabi Cup

Usually Alonso only thinks about victory. But here in Abu Dhabi he would be satisfied with second or third place if necessary. 'I would like to take a trophy home with me. I have been on the podium 72 times. I have all the trophies on the racing calendar. Only the one in Abu Dhabi is missing.'


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